Slow Bass Pop, long time

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Slow Bass Pop, long time
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Slow Bass Pop, long time


good theme, but I don't understand you why you post the same theme in a long version...that would be good first, let see what's going on..I think the other jamers have gave his input to the first upload....I don't know, perhabs is growing too....+0
@fresfunk, the other version have a 1.50min, this 3. The idea its other musics joined to jam, more time for they. Sorry for my english, i dont speak this lang. Cheers!+0
@pollorhcp - I understand you very well - what i want to say is that you in future make better a long version of your nice jams...that would be helpful, other jamers jump in your jam...and if you upload the same theme again in a longer version is not important for others or the same musicans before - you know what i mean?+0
Good vibe!+0
@FreshFunk, I understand you. Thanks for comments and jams!+0
I like it. Felix plays some awesome guitar on slow grooves. Not sure I can get him to or not. I'll show this to him. :)+0
buenas las zapadas !! saludos desde mardel+0
You got it!+0
Awesome track ! Balfo awesome tracks lead me to good things :) :)+0
Excellent bass !! Great track :)+0

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