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One of my musical goal as a guitar player is to exercise restraint, and only give solo when you need to. I've learn this thing with a conversation with Funkystan lately. He somehow got me when he particularly mentioned about putting a solo on a track. In songs like these It should be spot on and filling out the space. It then should be short.

Also I have to thank Uncle Tof and other people such as Frankiej, they're the guitar players here that when you listen to particular track, they don't need to occupy anything but rather find those spots that needs to be filled. So I have to thank these guys here. Hopefully I achieve my goal as of the moment. (But from time to time, I have to get wild :D)


March 24 2016 14:13:17
You've kept to the tone of the track perfectly, Kenny! Super play and very well-judged. I'd say you have no problems with musically fitting in.

Like you, I have to 'make an effort' not to overdo it. Something I'm constantly working on!

+1 March 24 2016 16:25:34 mpointon kennyadry
THank you Martin. Yeah, a sensitive track like this is the best way for me to exercise restraint. The entire band has did an enormous thing of building this track gorgeously so I couldn't afford doing some crazy stuff!
March 23 2016 18:09:32
Great track all ! And your play and tones Are really great Nephew :)

March 23 2016 14:57:19
Really nice song folks!

March 23 2016 13:21:49
Bravo Kenny :)
+1 March 23 2016 13:30:38 frankiejazz kennyadry
Thank you Frankie :)
March 23 2016 05:01:02
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
very good:)
+1 March 23 2016 11:53:11 Lenny Cowler kennyadry
Thanks a lot ! :)
March 23 2016 03:31:11
Awesome add Kenny & love what you wrote under the description, restraint & finding THE spot where to place THAT part is something i struggle immensely with, you on the other hand have progressed by leaps & bounds..
Very cool buddy &.. another beautiful add !! ;)

+1 March 23 2016 11:54:15 nuno1959 kennyadry
Yeah!!! I thank you for symphatising with me NUNO :)
March 23 2016 02:54:20
What a wonderful day! Two guitarists I greatly admire has joined me.
kennyadry and Tofzegrit!!!
I think Patrick and Alice put a spell on us. :)
I love your guitar work on the track and tone is gorgeous. Superb accompaniment.
Thanks for joining Kenny.

+2 March 23 2016 11:54:48 FrankieJ kennyadry
You've set the mood for Patrick's guitar and Alice's vocal :) THank you
March 23 2016 00:38:53
Awesome Kenny !! Great sound and style.. sweet add !!
+1 March 23 2016 11:55:27 WHITEPONGO kennyadry
THank you White!
March 22 2016 23:38:47
Nice job, man. The whole time, the focus stayed on the vocal. I never had the thought, "Hey! That's Kenny!" That means you did perfect.

Same thought for all the instrumentalists on this track. Great it great musicianship! :)

+1 March 23 2016 11:55:50 schwaglr kennyadry
I am pleased to receive that feedback :) Thanks a lot man!
March 22 2016 23:06:06
Kenny you have a magic touch! Your guitar shines bright here.. :)
+1 March 23 2016 11:56:03 Stef kennyadry
Great to know Stef! Thank you :)

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