Making Plans for Christopher

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Listening to this beautiful track by Patrick, 2 musical ideas came to mind from 1979 that I shamelessly tried to blend in.... I added instrumentation (guitars/strings/"Jazzy Scat" vocals) from 1:00 to 1:40 or thereabouts and from 2:20 or so to the end ("Magic Orchestra", bass, strings). Hope I did Patricks work justice... space for more adds ;) HD is my add only if anyone wants to remix


October 13 2016 20:17:52
Really like the last part!!!

October 13 2016 20:17:03
So you mixed in a little Alan Parson in with this?
+0 October 13 2016 21:19:56 GemmyF PaulBOwens
The last part is "inspired" by XTC Gemmy... there's a Christopher Cross "influence" in the 1st part ;)
October 13 2016 21:27:18 GemmyF GemmyF
first part to me was Alan Parson! Christopher Cross used to play at the Holiday Inn on the Freeway in Houston till he got famous. Used to hear his name all the time on the radio About the gigs on Friday and Saturday nights. And see the Marquee with his name on it when I drove by. Then Boom!!!! Sailing hit! I like both parts(specially as "I" hear the first part Alan Parson Project) and XTC is my all time favorite so of course I like the last one. It's Funny people who have never heard XTC waxing eloquent about this composition and how it.........Hey!!!!!! We're only Making Plans for Nigel Dudes and Dudettes!!!!
October 14 2016 16:30:52 GemmyF GemmyF
here is an example of what I was talking about where something you have enjoyed in the past just automatically comes out without forethought. A recording live during a jam my drummer and I recorded
October 14 2016 16:31:49 GemmyF GemmyF
Also can you say what part I'm talking about and who did it? This is a test!
March 24 2016 00:02:45
Perfect as I'd expect from you Paul :)
+0 March 24 2016 08:08:19 Fishinmissio PaulBOwens
Good morning Mark! thank you sir :)
March 23 2016 13:54:49
very well done Paul ;o)
+0 March 23 2016 23:41:35 Uloisius PaulBOwens
Danke Ulo
March 23 2016 13:48:34
That is great Paul! You have the power to add something and give a track a cool spin! :)
+0 March 23 2016 23:04:59 Marceys PaulBOwens
Patrick's tracks are great tp start with so icing the cake is a pleasure Marc.. Thank you :)
March 23 2016 13:07:22
This is a marvelous add Paul!
+0 March 23 2016 23:05:22 kennyadry PaulBOwens
Cheers Kenny :)
March 23 2016 05:08:59
Fabulous Paul! 👍
Love it.

+0 March 23 2016 23:05:42 FrankieJ PaulBOwens
Glad you enjoyed Frankie :)
March 23 2016 04:22:14
Hey Paul, in addition to your great instrumental skills I love the vision and the great capacity of arrangement with which you open new magnificent ways forward! Superb add my friend! :)
+0 March 23 2016 23:06:35 Stef PaulBOwens
Hey Stef my great friend - thanks so much for your kind comments
March 23 2016 03:28:10
great imagination
+0 March 23 2016 23:06:54 goldtop68 PaulBOwens
March 23 2016 03:21:47
Good idea... the old and the new fits together quite well :)
+0 March 23 2016 23:07:35 Psycho PaulBOwens
Thanks Bruce - always fun to experiment with some of the great music from the 70's

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