You Got Me A Song

Remix step #2


aleonz464 jams
Remix step #5 (playing)


nuno1959550 jams Supporter
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Lovely song, everybody's performance is SO good, i really hope i didn't trample it !
Great feeling jamming along, it's just so pretty, what a rush guys, enjoy ;)


April 10 2016 21:23:46
Sweeeeet Nuno! Great tone as always and great lines and some double stops here and there! Ear candy!!
+1 April 10 2016 21:41:35 OB-Lix nuno1959
Thanks OB, i really appreciate your comment !
This was one of the most fun jams to play along, so beautiful.. ;)
April 03 2016 12:57:28
With this much going on it could have been overload having a bass with so many harmonic tones. Wrong! It works brilliantly.
+1 April 03 2016 13:39:08 Wade nuno1959
When i 1st heard the song, i swear i heard my bass in there !
& It sounded more or less like this so.. how could i resist joining ? ;)
Love this song..
March 24 2016 14:17:52
Nuno! Fantastic how your unique, almost lead bass approach and style fits so well into this song, harmonising beautifully in that wonderful way only you know how to!

You need to add more often to these sorts of tracks.

+1 March 24 2016 20:22:03 mpointon nuno1959
Thanks Martin, i REALLY had a lot of pleasure jamming along this one.
Notes flowed, had the mix playing in the background as if the band was in my living room.. oh yes, this was LOTS of fun.. ;) ;)
March 24 2016 03:05:43
I like how you have found the good line for playing with your nuno's tone and colors, when you double vocals or you stop... class
+1 March 24 2016 03:35:23 Tofzegrit nuno1959
Thank you Tof, of all the tunes i like, a few ''give me'' the notes the tune wants as i listen to it
Those mixes tend to flow smoother perhaps ? Glad you had fun ;)
March 23 2016 15:42:11
Fan add, nuno!!
+1 March 23 2016 20:13:19 pkliesch nuno1959
Thanks so much Patrick !!
March 23 2016 13:56:22
great bass brother ;o)
+1 March 23 2016 14:58:22 Uloisius nuno1959
Thank you Ulo, glad you liked this ;)
March 23 2016 13:53:40
That's great Nuno! Cool body for this track! :)
+1 March 23 2016 14:57:25 Marceys nuno1959
Thanks Marceys, such good fun jamming along this one.. ;)
March 23 2016 10:48:30
Oh yeahhh Nuno signature bass is in the track, surely put a big smile to my face, you gave a lovely warm feeling with your bass Nuno, glad you join us! thank you :)
+1 March 23 2016 14:56:03 aleonz nuno1959
How could your precious vocals in this not move me !?
Thanks Alice for this chance to join in.. ;)
March 23 2016 09:04:36
Great bass line, great track!
+1 March 23 2016 14:55:00 SlonMusic nuno1959
Thank you Steve, glad you enjoyed listening
It IS such a stupendous song..
March 23 2016 09:02:03
uhhhh! The Nuno bass tone is in! Now this is just great for my listening at work. Really love your bass tone man :)
+1 March 23 2016 14:54:18 kennyadry nuno1959
Eh, eh.. thanks Kenny, loved every note of this
Re-my bass tone : so do i my friend, so do i.. ;)
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