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Imagine the lonely guitar player longing to play with one of his favorite bands?
The show is about to go on and then some bad news, the lead guitarist is a no show.... =)

Woo Hoo... thanks guys!

It was very hard to choose which track to play on... they are all so good, most tracks are full, so tulli was it!

Great song Al, super bass tulli, and kudos to Pat for starting it all with his magic guitar!


March 25 2016 10:45:50
frenziefrenzie Great! Your lines are so beautiful, you got the job as leadplaying :) so delicate and fitting :)
+1 April 05 2016 00:46:08 frenziePsycho
I apologize for a late response frenz... that is a very nice comment. Thank you :)
March 25 2016 09:02:52
jmrukkersjmrukkers Very cool Psy
+1 April 05 2016 00:44:43 jmrukkersPsycho
Sorry to reply so late, as these comments do mean a lot to me... thanks very much my friend :)
March 24 2016 22:35:59
pklieschpkliesch Amazing lead! You really got it, Bruce! :)
+1 March 24 2016 23:15:00 pklieschPsycho
Well Pat... I have a new favorite by you and to let it slip by would be a sin. Alice and tulli sure did a fine job which didn't hurt the decision to give it a shot :) Thanks !!
March 24 2016 19:34:39
FrankieJFrankieJ Great intro, solo and accompaniment Psy.
Sweet tone and mix. Well done.

+1 March 24 2016 23:11:56 FrankieJPsycho
Thanks Frankie... thought I'd join in too :)
March 24 2016 18:57:30
ivaxivax so much feeling, Psych, very good
+1 March 24 2016 23:11:19 ivaxPsycho
Thanks ivax... too good not to try :)
March 24 2016 18:41:01
tullicbrtullicbr 👍;)
+1 March 24 2016 18:49:01 tullicbrPsycho
It's your fault, I heard your version and couldn't hold back. Thanks buddy :)
March 24 2016 16:34:57
aleonzaleonz Well well well...Big Psy! you are right in the spotlight, you fill in a very excellent part, Great way to open the song....well I will be so happy to have you beside me on stage one day :) Thank you very much Big Psy! so glad you join the ride
+1 March 24 2016 18:27:18 aleonzPsycho
A beautiful song Big Al... one of my favs with you and Pat... thanks gal :)
March 24 2016 16:29:29
gwailoahgwailoah Agree. Nicely restrained and tasteful guitar add here!
+1 March 24 2016 18:26:21 gwailoahPsycho
Thanks gw :)
March 24 2016 16:27:10
kennyadrykennyadry Great add. This track still continues to produce amazing add and your guitar playing here is no exception. And I think you exercised restraint better than what I did to this track :)
+1 March 24 2016 18:26:06 kennyadryPsycho
Heck of a track... your version kicked butt... not overplayed Kenny! Thanks :)
March 24 2016 16:14:50
BalfoBalfo Your guitar fits very well, love it!
+1 March 24 2016 18:25:00 BalfoPsycho
Thank you Balfo :)

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