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I've been practising my fingers to my keys for while, writing a slow song always a big challenge for me, but I need to learn and always love to learn, so here is my pop rock RnB Ballad song, hahaha don't know what to call it, but I'm happy enough to finish this template tonight...

Would love to hear your ideas for this track, but this track absolutely need guitar, bass, maybe any other synth, strings (maybe), anything..will make it a ...
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Aleonz, Pop, Rock, RnB, Vocal, template


What a wonderful song! Fine composition and light rhythm! A beauty. :)+1
March 24 2016 22:56:13
aleonz Patrick,thank you...need to learn much from all of you composer here :) my hand still feel like a wood :) +1
:) alice it is sweet :) and a cool song I like it more pop less jazzy so I can understand it better my ears are not good at jazz :) with some bass and git/keys this could work out as a top track :) it is already great as it is btw :)+1
March 24 2016 22:59:44
aleonz Thank you very much Frenzie! slow jazz still far from my reach with my keys, too many complicated chords...But Rock also have it's own challenge to make it flow..still lot to learn...thank you very much:) +1
So delightful, the drums programming is very cool and your fingers know about hunting the good notes and vibes on the keyboard. ah and there is your voice with minus effective backing.
March 24 2016 23:01:59
aleonz making beats always a cool toy to play, still learning my major minor thingies Tof,,,Thank you very much :) +0
Pure talent!! Nice. :)+1
March 24 2016 23:02:17
aleonz Thank you so much Pudsy! +1
So lovely Alice. :)+1
March 24 2016 23:02:31
aleonz Thank you so much Frankie :) +0
I love those keys so sweet and sad ! you're always so surprising and then that voice .... from another planet! Wonderfully Alice! :)+1
March 24 2016 23:04:18
aleonz coming from a keys master, man I'm blushing here, thank you very much Stef! +0
Lovely song... you are so full of surprises Big Al. This is a work of art :)+1
March 25 2016 13:03:45
aleonz Thank you Big Psy! really enjoy this learning process +0
i sounds really good, i really like the piano you made. i honestly think the vocals is a tad too loud compared to the piano, it's maybe just me.. since im more of a instrumental kinda guy.

any chance you could upload just the piano parts? i'd love to mess abit around with it. =)
March 25 2016 13:08:40
aleonz after resting my ears from listening this song, I think you are right, the vocal too loud, I have to learn more to adjust the music and vocal in a good balance, thank you very much for the input pedersen, will try to post the separate tracks +0
Those lyrics are so beautiful...the journey of life! It could even be religious depending on the listener, what a powerful portrait you've painted here! I love the parts you've made instrumentally, too. Great keys melody at the front and end and counter melody parts throughout. Wow.+1
March 25 2016 13:14:28
aleonz Thank you very much Adam, sometimes we all have that ups and down :) ,still a long way to go to learn all these writing stuff :) but I really do enjoy every moment of it :) thank you very much +0
March 25 2016 13:14:46
aleonz Thank you very much Ian! +0

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