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I've been practising my fingers to my keys for while, writing a slow song always a big challenge for me, but I need to learn and always love to learn, so here is my pop rock RnB Ballad song, hahaha don't know what to call it, but I'm happy enough to finish this template tonight...

Would love to hear your ideas for this track, but this track absolutely need guitar, bass, maybe any other synth, strings (maybe), anything..will make it a ...
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Aleonz, Pop, Rock, RnB, Vocal, template


Compliments girl+0
This is beautiful Alice !! Very nice tune !! :)+0
so, so, so nice.. Al, beautiful melody!!! :)+0
So very beautiful Alice :)+0
So impressive!+0
Nice song Alice+0
Very nice Alice. A "cutie-Beauty". :)+0
francisco al
muito legal aleonz. bom trabalho+0
What a magical artist you are lice :)+1
August 18 2016 08:29:51
aleonz Peter! thank you very much +1
Hopefully by now you know how much I love your creativity and voice. It's always a joy to hear you start a track. I've got to be honest and say that the canned drum track ruins this for me. Would be understandable if needed to keep the rhythm but would have been so much better if kept separate so that one of our real drummers could have worked their magic for you.+1
April 04 2016 12:23:34
aleonz I've got so many flowers from you today, means so much for me Wade, and you know how I admire your music, yes I agree with you that part, and also pedersen mention about the balance of the vocals, I forget to ripped of the drums, maybe i was too tired that time, I still learn to produce the beats (for my own work stuff), still far away to go, thank you very much for the input Wade, it will help me to improve it :) +1

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