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Funky bass for a funky, fun track from irlenn and Marc. Several great bass versions already added, but I like hearing the different takes on the same template track...go wikiloops!

There's still open space here...


August 01 2016 22:21:15
francisco alfrancisco al muito legal

March 25 2016 18:14:12
Ernie440Ernie440 Great bass playing!

March 25 2016 15:12:57
pklieschpkliesch Absolutely pro, Adam! Perfect Timing! :)

March 25 2016 13:49:22
aleonzaleonz Adam Adam Adam! you have that tasty groove in your bone! you are one of my bass hero! always hard to not moving while listening your wonderful bass line! you really know exactly what to do with that thick strings
+1 March 25 2016 14:27:31 aleonzAdamDownLo
So glad you like it, Alice! It's an honor to be considered one of your bass heroes! Groove that makes you move is what I'm after most of the time...I'm glad it infected you. :)
March 25 2016 07:53:05
SlonMusicSlonMusic So interesting to listen to..

March 25 2016 07:52:27
MarceysMarceys Very cool lowriding and I love those runs that are taking off all the time!
Your timing and harmonies are very good! And i love these ultralow notes too!

March 25 2016 03:47:03
TofzegritTofzegrit I think it could be a excellent backing track for a crazy bass solo, and now I hear how you approach this, I'm sure I'm right.
Excellent in modulation, tone and you have a superb speed phrasing and I'm a fan of your low notes :)

+1 March 25 2016 13:26:55 TofzegritAdamDownLo
You should do a high bass solo over it! That would be sweet!
March 25 2016 03:36:58
jaeusmjaeusm Nice playing :)

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