Nothing In The Water (remix)

Remix step #6 (playing)


mpointon469 jams Supporter
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This is actually a remix of my drum add from #67982.

Anyway, I had a whale of a time mixing my add into this fantastic track from Kenny, Alice, Marc, Riky and Psycho. In the end, Psycho and Alice sent me their solo stems and I remixed the whole thing as best I could.

A couple of changes since my drum upload: I tightened up the drums a bit (plus removed an annoying fill). I've also added some discrete [MIDI] tambourine and shaker to give the track a little more motion as it progresses.

My Mac didn't know what hit it - 28 tracks in all! I also mixed down without any 'polish' on the master output and then did a second 'mastering' pass on the mix down. It was at this point I decided to add the MIDI percussion.

All feedback, good or bad, welcome on the remix. This was a tough track, especially as my drums were so hard to mix. I aimed to keep it pretty dry.



October 18 2016 21:05:07
Here, you got complete band. Tour is waiting for ya :P

March 28 2016 21:49:24
Man, top quality mix! So glad you found the time to do it :D

And Marceys shining a bit more haha

March 28 2016 09:24:10
Now THis sounds awesome!!!! I like that Marcey's hammond is already floating and I can hear everyone clearly :) Wonderful mixing Martin!. And that tambourine! I remember my Mother's instrument :)

March 28 2016 00:39:07
It sounds terrific both on my headphones & speakers, something that is not always the case !! Now.. 28 tracks !?
Oh man, THAT would send me off the edge !!! :D

+1 March 28 2016 00:40:07 nuno1959 mpointon
Thanks, Nuno. Seven tracks were my drums and nine tracks were Alice's vocals! The rest were the others plus some reverb sends!
March 25 2016 20:58:42
Terrific job Martin... got the phones on and it sounds great my man. Sounds like a lot of work, but you probably learned a lot? Feedback from me is I like how you fixed things and made it sound professional :)

March 25 2016 20:49:14
You did a very cool job here Martin! Cool balance and blending real good! Enjoyed the track again!

March 25 2016 17:42:27
This sounds great to my ears Martin, it's good to leave it pretty dry, have that live feel for the track, sounds everything is in the sweet balance :)
+1 March 28 2016 02:12:24 aleonz mpointon
Thanks, Alice. I find reverb a difficult beast to work with. I tend to go for dry as otherwise everything sounds like it's in the next room with me trying to work the reverbs!
March 25 2016 15:46:05
Pit BrettPit Brett
sounds very good martin !

March 25 2016 14:59:44
Fantastic Martin

March 25 2016 14:38:00
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler


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