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Another track which has been languishing in my ToDo for far too long and RobM's add reminded me to get off my backside! Great track from Acousticeg and I loved RobM's minimalist wah-wah add. It adds so much atomsphere from just such a sparse and simple phrase.

Back on my Spaun kit for this and wearing a Tico Torres hat, at a guess. Or Kenny Aronoff. Or anyone who's played with Jon Bon Jovi, basically. Tough track to record as I couldn't use a metronome and it required bold but simple timekeeping to drive that dark feeling to the track and at my headphone volumes, the guitar got very muddy!


No reverb on the HD, as usual.


May 19 2016 12:19:48
jimkaroljimkarol perfect compliment Martin!!

April 04 2016 01:16:07
akethesnakerakethesnaker The drums made it ten times better:)

March 27 2016 23:45:22
nuno1959nuno1959 Ah yes, the (in)famous ''To Do'' folders.. packed to the brim !! :D
Good you brought this one out, it sounds great & thanks to your drums, later adds make it awesome !! ;)

+1 March 28 2016 00:43:11 nuno1959mpointon
Thanks, Nuno! I love Acoustigeg's templates.

I've had to delete my To Do playlist - I just couldn't keep on top of it. Starting a new one now.
March 26 2016 01:41:01
RobMRobM Excellent as always Martin :)

March 25 2016 21:59:04
PsychoPsycho Yes, heard haddocks add on this... very well played indeed... really like these western themes :)

March 25 2016 20:52:10
MarceysMarceys Tight and supercool sound Martin! This is a great soundtrack for a western movie!

March 25 2016 17:50:25
aleonzaleonz feel like watching the young riders, wonderful track Martin! a great power to boost this great song

March 25 2016 17:44:27
titititi The drummer is always the boss.

March 25 2016 17:32:23
bhunt1bhunt1 great tune! drums fit very well.

March 25 2016 17:06:20
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler fantastic play:)


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