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Trying to write something with my keys, but I'm a bit stuck...and I saw my baby looked at me with his puppy's eye, been a long time I haven't playing with him...sorry for the repetitive thingies...my head kinda stuck today :) but hope you can take it somewhere with your idea...

The drums only a same loop (you are so lazy alice!), to keep me on track, still a lot of miss , well It's always great to have fun :)

No drums in HD *Hint Hint*, hope I can get a real drums ofcourse :)

Thank you so much for listening!



March 28 2016 21:22:39
titititi Funny-groovy track Al !
+1 March 29 2016 01:12:52 titialeonz
It makes me smile Titi! thank you :)
March 28 2016 09:57:30
kennyadrykennyadry My oh just my....I am speechless about anything that you can do... But I will not be worrying about it because all you do is just the best :)
+1 March 28 2016 14:23:44 kennyadryaleonz
Thank you so much Kenny, it's great to play instruments once in a while to help me sharpen up my hearing things :)
March 27 2016 23:35:57
nuno1959nuno1959 Nice tight punchy bass template Alice !! Super cool !
Now me : ex bass player as of now, looking for any work, can paint, cook…. :D :D

+1 March 28 2016 14:21:22 nuno1959aleonz
Hah! thank you so much Nuno, coming from a wonderful bass player like you means so much....hahahaha it's only come to me once in a while, so you still a bass player without "ex"
March 27 2016 15:49:37
GuitarPlyrGuitarPlyr Groovyness track here Alice :)
+1 March 28 2016 14:19:46 GuitarPlyraleonz
Thank you GP!
March 27 2016 14:33:46
LieschingLiesching Wowwiee!
+1 March 28 2016 14:19:34 Lieschingaleonz
I'm jumping like a mogly here ! thank you Marc
March 26 2016 19:53:35
WadeWade Such a cool bounce and feel. Happy loving music that reflects the player/composer.
+1 March 26 2016 20:59:30 Wadealeonz
Hi Wade! thank you so much...hehehe yeah I'm having so much Fun playing this track :)
March 26 2016 12:25:45
RobMRobM Cool groove Alice :)
+1 March 26 2016 14:27:35 RobMaleonz
Thank you so much Rob!
March 26 2016 11:26:40
FrankieJFrankieJ Ah Alice. You never cease to amaze me.
+1 March 26 2016 14:27:22 FrankieJaleonz
Thank you very much Frankie!
March 26 2016 11:05:06
ivaxivax Great Alice
+1 March 26 2016 14:27:10 ivaxaleonz
Thank you so much Xavi!
March 26 2016 08:52:40
pklieschpkliesch Is there anything you can't do, Alice? You sing like an elve and play the bass like devil! :)
+1 March 26 2016 14:26:56 pklieschaleonz
Thank you so much Patrick! oh there is so much thing that I wanna do but i can't ...drums, sax, horns, cello, harp etc etc LOL
March 26 2016 15:09:13 pklieschpkliesch
It's just a question of time, I guess :)

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