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Yeah. What a cool piece of groove from Alice and Marc here. Was really looking forward to getting stuck into this. But...

I'm not sure what happened overnight but I think my drumming went on holiday. I just couldn't get my usual flow going today so, to overcritical me, this performance just feels a little clunky - contrived, even. Maybe the patterns are too busy? Something's just 'not right' with my feel on this. Perhaps I should revisit it some time. Or hire Stanton Moore to play it!

I had no idea what to do for the little solo section for the bass towards the end of the track, so I dropped in to a sort of half-baked samba. Couldn't think of anything else which would fit! Played the track using traditional grip in my left hand to stop me rim-shotting!

Hope you enjoy.

No reverb on the HD drums.


March 27 2016 15:40:08
Cool and groove :) fine drum mix

March 26 2016 17:05:55
What a pity:D

March 26 2016 16:49:36
Cool Track! Great drumming !

March 26 2016 16:19:04
A bit hippocritical if you ask me but..... Hahahahaha
Way cool drums with great accents Martin! Love it! Ready for guitar now! :)

+3 March 26 2016 17:04:31 Marceys Tofzegrit
On Strike:)
March 26 2016 15:58:15
Works well :)

March 26 2016 14:01:47
Martin! hahahha I think I know where that title inspired from :), for me I think you might just trying not to overdo the track, and drown me and marc, I listen to this track 3 times in a row, and the more I listen the more I feel it work very well with me & marc tracks,and that little syncopation, and half-baked samba toward the end, also sounds cool to my ears :), This me telling my honest opinion ,not being hypocrite LOL but well, You guys know how I admire your drums and Marc's keys, so everything from me will come very sweet hahahah (explain yourself Alice!) muahahahah oh I'm laughing here! thank you very much Martinnnnn! so so glad you are here !
+1 March 26 2016 14:12:11 aleonz mpointon
Thank you, Alice. I've decided the problem is the over-busy kick in the main riff! That's what's bugging me!
March 26 2016 14:00:18
Hey, man! Cool of you to share your work even if you're not 100% sure about it. That makes for interesting conversation and learning!

I'm hearing what you're talking about in a few fills, but not in the groove itself. Drums sound nice, and cool textural choices for rhythms throughout. Filling up the beats, but not overfilling. I'm ever a fan of your stuff!

+1 March 28 2016 02:55:20 schwaglr mpointon
Thanks, schwaglr. I'm glad you agree it's clumsy in places! I'm always happy to listen to constructive criticism.

It's always the way for me: the ones I most look forward to I'm the least happy with!
March 26 2016 13:53:24
Great drumming!!! Awesome!


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