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Bass & Vocals:
aleonz477 jams
step I
mpointon603 jams
acoustic Guitar:
OliVBee675 jams
United States
Psycho781 jams
step IV
United States
Mixer & Keys:
slynch196746 jams
no additional instruments available so far
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I listened to this and felt it right from the start. I didn't do much in way of keys. Mainly I wanted to give it a hint of Organ, and hopefully it fits the tone well.I did download the HQ files so that I could mix them individually. I do hope the mix works for you guys, and lady :) Thanks for this awesome piece, and the ability to practice my mixing, as well as my playing. Contributing Artists:Aleonz, Mpointon, ...
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Hi Slynch! so cool you find this old track, sweet organ , you keep it light..about the mix, it's back again to personal taste,I still make lots of mistake on my mix too, and keep trying to learn and get many inputs to improve it :) thank you very much for joining us Slynch :)+1
cool ! glad you had fun :) your mix doesn't sound optimal to me ... too much freqs filtered out : where is the acoustic guitar ? ;)+0
March 26 2016 20:22:15
slynch1967 Erm... actually, I was checking the files because I downloaded the HQ files, but you did not put an HQ file up there. My mistake on the credit. I assure you, I didn't squash any freqs. I just worked out what I felt was a good mix,added keys, and mixed using Pro Tools. The final bounce, all the way to the master was done using Studio headphone, ear buds, and reference monitors. Sorry if it isn't your cup of tea :( +1
Has an old time radio sound. Even if it's not on purpose it sounds pretty cool :)+1
March 26 2016 20:12:58
slynch1967 Thanks! Actually, I spent several hours last night, and again today mixing this. I was definitely going for and older, blues tone with the overall mix.I did have it like butter, warm, and fat, but I pitched it and started remixing...and this is what I ended up with :)You guys are very Talented. Thanks for the good times. +0
Lenny Cowler
very good:)+1

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