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Easter over and done with. Thought I'd get this 6/8 template done which has been sat planned out in Reaper for a week or two. As usual with templates, what I imagined and what I played seem to be at complete odds. But what's come out is in time, that's the main thing. Structure is relatively straightforward: Intro phrases x 2 Verse Bridge Verse Bridge Chorus Middle 8 Verse Chorus I think. No HD reverb, yadayadayadayada.


very good Martin! Rally like your pro drumming. Will use it instead my drummachine :)+1
March 27 2016 22:08:23
Pit Brett
mpointon Thanks, Pit! Always happy to provide 'drum machine' services! +0
Very cool groove and superb sound! What's up with the new avatar? You are very welcome here as you know! :)+1
March 27 2016 22:07:49
mpointon Thanks, Marc! The avatar isn't aimed at the Loops - just kinda liked it. +2
Another great drum template Martin but listening to this it hit me how difficult it must be to lay one of these down, w/ no music, no.. nothing ! Respect … ;)+1
March 28 2016 02:02:13
mpointon It's not easy, but having no reference music ensure originality, if you see what I mean. All my templates are inspired by real songs which I have in my head at the time of recording. I worry about plagiarism!

Just checked this on headphones and I can hear my click track from my in-ears at the intro. I think I need to turn them down!
Excellent work Martin!
Lots of thumbs:)
This is great... well played, and a keeper :)+1
you da man! this is gonna be really useful.+1
March 28 2016 01:59:01
mpointon I hope so! Can I look forward to an add brimming with Kimbo cool? +0
March 28 2016 01:59:56
kimbo maybe...;/ +1
March 28 2016 02:05:04
mpointon :D +0
Damn I could have used this but there is a mistake at 2:15 ruined it for me. LOL wouldn't know if you didn't tell me !+1
March 28 2016 01:57:50
mpointon Lol. I know. Own worst enemy and all that!

Thanks, Lairdy! :)
very cool template ! glad you're sticking to doing these :)+1
March 28 2016 02:57:28
mpointon I'll keep sticking to them, even though they drive me potty trying to be 'creative' with, basically, backbeats! +1
Backbeats and snare sound great for me... Thanks Martin ^^+1
Nice template+1
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