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After adding bass to Titi's song yesterday I've been playing around with a lead guitar track to add along with it.
But then Alice added her lovely vocals and so that project was set aside for another day.
Learned quickly I'm a little rusty with country guitar.
And excuse my feeble attempt to emulate a steel guitar in parts.

Hope you like it and thanks for listening.

Thanks Titi and Alice.


January 23 2017 00:44:22
very nice job Frankie.. if that is rusty country guitar. then could you teach me how to play rusty? <3
+1 January 23 2017 01:27:56 Don_T FrankieJ
thanks a bunch Don_T :)
I love the old style country guitar playing. Only thing I like better is steel guitar. One of these days I will learn how to play one. Course I been saying that for bout 35 years :)
January 23 2017 01:57:10 Don_T Don_T
yeah I love the old stuff... if you can lay down a track of it, I can write words to it ... ummm... hint hint
March 31 2016 02:54:55
Fantástic guitar play! I do love this! ;) Great job Frankie
+1 March 31 2016 11:18:10 jjdf FrankieJ
Thank you jj. :)
March 28 2016 14:18:18
oh my gosh...Frankie, (honestly) when i was singing this song, I kinda hear this kinda steel guitar somehow...it s just what have been missing, and now you came with this, oh this is so so beautiful
+1 March 29 2016 08:47:10 aleonz FrankieJ
Thank you Alice. :)
March 28 2016 11:19:51
A fish in the water Frankie! Big country my friend.
I am delighted to have attracted the artists of quality as you and Alice !!!

+1 March 29 2016 08:51:34 titi FrankieJ
Thank you titi. :)
March 28 2016 09:39:36
Just beautiful.. your emulations of steel guitar is stunning man!
+1 March 29 2016 09:00:40 kennyadry FrankieJ
Thank you Kenny :)
Always loved the steel guitar. Whenever I play slide, which is not often I do so with guitar on my lap.
March 28 2016 08:29:43
I do not play this style and I like the role of the guitar, behind.,answering, in front...
You do it very well and capture my attention!

+1 March 28 2016 09:40:08 Tofzegrit FrankieJ
I am a shadow of my father in this old style play Tof.
I am glad it captured your attention. That is always part of the equation. :) Thank you.
March 28 2016 05:43:32
great old school country feel, perfect for this track
+2 March 28 2016 09:52:15 goldtop68 FrankieJ
Thanks Jeff.
Always liked that old style. Wish I had a steel and knew how to play it. :)

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