The Long Weekend

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*** PLEASE NOTE: TEMPO IS ACTUALLY 195.89 bpm ****

And now for something a bit happier!

This template is actually a new performance of a song from a band I used to play in in the early '90s. I fancied playing along to something for a template rather than playing blind as I usually do. Thanks to variances in technology over the last 20 or so years, the tempo of the guide track ended up being located at 195.89bpm once I'd got ...


Most excellent... to cover yourself will keep you warm ;)+2
Rockabilly is one of my fave music, hahaha looks all music are my faves, but this kind of drums, with a walking happy swing upright bass will kill me , this gave a great energy+2
cool drive :)+1
Cool Beat+1
can't wait to see what the clever guys do with this!+1
fantastic Martin+1
Un vrai métronome !!!!!!+1
Excatly what I was waiting for, on starting blocks for a new song. Thanks+1

Please give it up for the band!

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