Cool Under Pressure

Remix step #5 (playing)
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schwaglr44 jams Supporter
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I took the middle 1/3 of this chart for a Moog solo. I feel like I had some trouble taming the EQ of the synth when I was mixing. The tone I designed had some very strong overtones, and I wanted to maintain those as much as possible because of the character they added to the sound. But I'm worried they still might be a bit overbearing. See what you think!

For those who might add the outer solos - Consider adding on to Kenny's track in order to leave room for others. Please just leave a comment here on my track if you do that, and I'll be sure to listen! :)

Great jam, all! :)


April 02 2016 19:24:07
I think that I love all what Schwaglr plays !!!
+0 April 02 2016 19:47:32 Furlano schwaglr
You're very kind! Thanks got listening. It keeps me motivated to keep working hard :)
April 02 2016 20:05:34 Furlano Furlano
Do not work hard : just play and be happy !
March 30 2016 18:37:31
That is a cool tone Schwaglr and you played some very cool runs over it! :) cool stuff!
+0 March 30 2016 20:09:39 Marceys schwaglr
Thanks so much, Marc! It's a lot of fun to be on a track with you!
March 29 2016 23:01:07
Very good! I like what you played and the sound :) Perhaps a bit too far out in front at 1:02, but I still like it :)
+0 March 29 2016 23:36:41 jaeusm schwaglr
Cool. Thanks! I appreciate the constructive critique. I must have gotten too caught up in the overtone thought and lost track of the level. Live and learn! :)
March 29 2016 22:45:40
Pit BrettPit Brett
verycool sound and playing :)
+0 March 29 2016 23:35:39 Pit Brett schwaglr
Thank you!
March 29 2016 20:31:43
The second sound you use is mix front of, but the idea and feeling is so good here
+0 March 29 2016 23:35:31 GuitarPlyr schwaglr
Thanks so much! I very much appreciate your constructive feedback. Thanks for listening! :)
March 29 2016 09:03:07
What an exotic and great solo addition you have here Schwaglr!! Really like that chromatic scale going on ! Glad you join the gan :)
+1 March 29 2016 15:26:11 kennyadry schwaglr
Thank you! Great style from you all on this one :)
March 29 2016 05:08:30
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
very good:)

March 29 2016 01:06:11
ah you take me to the time I play that roller skate on the ring, very sweet vibe Schwaglr
+1 March 29 2016 01:46:25 aleonz schwaglr
Thank you, Alice! Glad to help bring back happy memories! :)
March 29 2016 00:11:34
Eh eh! I like vintage!!!
+0 March 29 2016 00:44:12 Tofzegrit schwaglr
Haha! Merci! :)

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