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This has a few mistakes but it was played & recorded on the spot to test the tweaks i made to this FX patch, as it's 4AM i played/recorded & mixed on headphones, not the best so plz cut me some slack.. ;) I still thought it sounded fairly good, enough to upload anyway & had immense fun doing this jam as i love ''droney'' stuff A killer drum add would be colossal, maybe some super weird guitar or distorted sax, i ...


beautiful Nuno. You are a one man orchestra!+1
March 30 2016 09:34:37
nuno1959 Thanks RP, at least as loud !! ;) +0
incredible what sounds you eliciting the Bass ... absolut cool ;o)+1
March 30 2016 09:35:41
nuno1959 Good morning & thanks Ulo !
Hope it went down well w/ the coffee ;)
Really hypnotic, great Track Nuno!+1
March 30 2016 09:39:19
nuno1959 Thanks Franky, cool you liked it !! +1
March 30 2016 09:40:26
nuno1959 Just a bass + an fx patch w/ a number of things.. thanks ! +0
March 30 2016 12:30:46
nilton Would be nice to know what is in the patch. I pretty much like to recreate it on the axefx2 +1
March 31 2016 23:38:48
nuno1959 I'll make a list w/ the settings & order in the chain of each individual effect & send it to you later, OK ? Cheers ;) +0
April 01 2016 01:08:41
nuno1959 OK, here we go :
What i think/hope are the MIDI files for each FX patch of each machine [url=https://www.sendspace.com/filegroup/0ywxHembRHS68dR4%2Fgs82g]here [/url] but have no clue if readable by your Axe :|

Settings themselves (photos)[url=https://www.flickr.com/photos/13706825@N03/albums/72157666475922392]here [/url]

As you can see on the Eventide there are 2 pitch-shifters ( shown as Pitch A & Pitch B ) 2 delays & some modulation - depth, sens, shape & feedback ( at bottom of image )

The Nova System is pretty self explanatory, just pay attention to which effect is either ON or OFF & that's it

I hope this allows to translate to your unit enough to at least ''point you'' in the general direction of this FX patch/tone & allow you to check it out !! It's good fun.. ;)
Oh another thing which works w/ the Eventide - i play w/ an heavy pick ( 40mm nylon triangle X 1.5mm thick ) & the effect reacts particularly well to change in dynamics in my playing/picking, that alone allows for some cool control of how the effect ''blooms'' so to speak, which you can translate into getting 2 different results out of the same algorithm which can be interesting

Cheers Nilton
April 01 2016 07:31:32
nilton sadly all midi sysex are model specific. But the photos where very helful, thank you. How is teh overall patch? Bass->eventide->TC->amp?

As i can deduct from the photos you are only using the B channel (402 ms + 1 oct) on the eventide since the a/b balance is set to b only
April 01 2016 14:18:59
nuno1959 Shame about the MIDI files, it would be the easiest !! :)
My signal path is : Eventide, then TC Nova then my amp.

On the Pitchfactor the A/B channel blend knob is set to A so you can skip the B channel settings - i used this variation from another patch i made which uses both channels hence my confusion, sorry.. ;)
This has lots of dynamic playing you have here my friend. The delay sound is just so right and the chords you have used here is majestic! What else? PLAYLISTED!+1
March 30 2016 09:47:13
nuno1959 Thank you so much Kenny, now i can't wait see if you cook up something cool.. ;) +0
Pit Brett
still hot! can`t hear any mistakes :) real hypnotic track nuno :)+1
March 30 2016 09:49:46
Pit Brett
nuno1959 Thanks Pit, it's not really mistakes as such but rather small picking timing errors, not as sharp as they should but.. sshhh… don't tell anyone ;) +0
I really love this, Nuno. MAGICAL...+1
March 30 2016 14:58:46
nuno1959 Thanks Marc, much appreciated !!
Heard it now on speakers for the 1st time & yeah, it's not that bad as i thought it might be, cool… ;)
cool and spacey :)+1
March 30 2016 17:10:12
nuno1959 Many thanks OliV, cheers ! +1
Verrry cool! Great atmosphere! :-)+1
March 30 2016 20:32:52
nuno1959 Thank you very much H !! ;) +0
Bravo Nuno !+1
March 30 2016 20:33:14
nuno1959 Merci bien !! ;) +0

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