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I got a new microphone! It's an Audio-Technica 2035, and I'm putting it (and my violin) to the test with this track. I will have a LOT of fun figuring this thing out in the weeks to come.

The fiddle tune is called "Bonaparte's Retreat." It's the melody that Aaron Copland used in his Hoe Down from Rodeo.

Add anything you want!!! HD track has no reverb.

Listen until the end to hear the part when my 1-year-old daughter sneaks into the studio!


July 26 2017 05:28:20
francisco alfrancisco al
muito legal. bom trabalho, schwaglr

March 07 2017 09:37:27
Lovely playing and good to hear a fine violin player here. Most here wouldn't recognize this Copland piece, yet please be aware that this is violation of the site's policies. There are a few of us classical types around.
+0 March 07 2017 12:48:39 DaDumps schwaglr
Thanks for the kind words. As explained in the description, this is an American folk tune used by Copland, but not his original work. It is free from copyright. He quotes it in the same way that Tchaikovsky uses Russian folk tunes in his work. See his symphony 4, last movement
March 07 2017 13:58:37 DaDumps DaDumps
I think you've missed the point. It's not a matter of whether it's in public domain. This has been recorded many times. It is not original. You could have done an interpretation of this "in the style of" yet it's note for note. Not original. Listen to as many templates as you wish and you will find many "in the spirit of" (especially blues), yet there is nobody playing exact existing pieces. This site would be a very different place if everyone was simply playing tunes out of copyright or folk tunes. And a few members were dismissed. Please take this on board as I'd certainly love to hear more from you.
July 17 2016 16:21:36
Great playin' and big fun to listen! :)

July 17 2016 14:55:20
Super playing:);)
+0 July 17 2016 15:40:32 petebass schwaglr
Thanks so much, Pete!
July 17 2016 13:03:24
so well played!!!!:) cool!!!
+0 July 17 2016 15:39:59 jjdf schwaglr
Very happy you enjoyed it :) one of the great old fiddle tunes
July 17 2016 09:53:26
Super cool!
+0 July 17 2016 15:39:08 Ernie440 schwaglr
Thanks a lot! And glad to have you in the jam
July 17 2016 06:36:06
+0 July 17 2016 15:36:57 Girard schwaglr
Thanks! And thanks for joining the jam
July 17 2016 05:27:32
Love the song and love your version.
+0 July 17 2016 15:36:29 Bothen schwaglr
Thanks man. Really appreciate you add!
July 17 2016 17:51:25 Bothen Bothen
Loved doing it, make sure you let your little one know she gets a big HI and wave from me.
April 25 2016 02:16:33
Lovely work S! :D
+1 April 25 2016 16:55:06 piper schwaglr
Thank you! A classic melody for sure :)
April 02 2016 23:13:21
Marcelo DMarcelo D
I was talking to Titi about a great violin track that he made. I love the accoustic sound and your daughter Voice at the end ;) great!
+1 April 03 2016 00:12:24 Marcelo D schwaglr
Thanks so much :)
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