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Another couple of riffs i thought worked well together, still have to adjust some the delay to fit better but since my rec button is always on from the moment i strap the bass... Now, I'm having a hard time selecting between all the FX patches i've created, even those which being apparently similar, ARE indeed different in feel when you play, etc... On the other hand, if i don't trim back the list oh boy.. i'll need a set list like ...


The Liz transcends new heights... incredible play man !!+2
March 31 2016 13:06:53
nuno1959 Ah, ah.. Many thanks Psy but hey, the Liz only stumbles on stuff that sometimes works, that's it.. ;) +0
This is a fantastic example of how a single instrument can create a complete song.
Rich, interesting and pure listening pleasure !
Beautiful song Nuno :)
March 31 2016 13:11:02
nuno1959 I once heard Mark King describe his compositions as mere collections of bass bits put together.
Ever since i've tried that on & off, this is one such tune… Am very happy you enjoyed it Rob ;)
This is awesome....reminds me of Yes and Tool+2
April 10 2016 03:51:40
nuno1959 Thanks Franky appreciated !
Am glad you enjoyed it.. ;)
Try a guitar, Buddy ;) Two more Strings! And i bet any Drummer would mary you! :D :D :D
Joke by Side. This is awesome and made me jealous of your Bass playing. So nice :)
March 31 2016 00:29:40
nuno1959 I tried, so many times : never managed to find a semi comfortable way of fitting my fingers on the fingerboard - awful !!
The closest i came was with an classical acoustic w/ nylon strings but somehow playing high-speed, high-energy punk rock through it didn't sound too convincing !!.. :D :D
But it's one of the reasons i play the bass the way i do ! ;)
Thank you so much Adu !
I like that ebb and flow kinda sound here nunoooo :)+1
March 31 2016 00:30:55
nuno1959 Glad you do Shi, many thanks ;) +0
Yeah, this is a cool excerpt from your home jams. I'll have to listen a couple times to understand everything you're doing. I'm interested to see how people add to this, but I must say it works well as a stand alone :)+1
March 31 2016 00:34:23
nuno1959 Thanks SCH, much appreciated !
My experience is that for some reason these kind of tracks don't get too many adds, can't say why but maybe most people think they work alone as well !? Just guessing..
Nice Nuno!+1
March 31 2016 00:35:06
nuno1959 Thanks Piper ;) +1
man this is the coolest bass riffin iv ever heard vecino.. totally overwhelmed by ur playing.. soooo tasty+1
March 31 2016 00:35:51
nuno1959 You spoil me WoX but i'm glad you liked it, for real.. ;) ;) +0
Lenny Cowler
very good bro:)+1
March 31 2016 13:11:35
Lenny Cowler
nuno1959 Thanks Lenny, appreciated !! +1
Pit Brett
This track works very wll nuno! the title fits very good your bassplaying remainds me even on flying.
Hard work to edit and sort FX Patches. Should com eon my todo List.

Very good nuno!! :)
March 31 2016 13:17:46
Pit Brett
nuno1959 So glad you think it does PB, thanks man !!
Lucky me my Eventides have an excellent editing app - if i had to edit on the pedal itself, i wouldn't have bought it, i HATE their onboard editing system, yuckk…
The TC Nova System has no software but is simple enough !
Despite i'm NOT very tech minded, for some reason tweaking FX comes pretty naturally & easily to me !! Go figure.. ;) ;)
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