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One of my biggest musical influence is John Petrucci. Some people may see him as one dimensional shredding machine with no emotion. But for me, he is one of the guy could express the extremes. He could shred you to pieces and on the other hand he could soulfully enrich you. One proof of that is his work with Jordan Rudess. You guys might want to check their song "State of Grace".. This is one of the best piano and guitar (also the entire album) collaboration I have ever heard so far!

And thank goodness I found someone here who I think is Jordan Rudess in WIKILOOPS (and no! I am not saying I am Petrucci here :D). Thanks a lot Marc for this awesome song!


June 23 2016 06:54:13
GemmyFGemmyF Kenny Beautiful. IMO you need to half the level on your guitar for the first 8 bars
so the ear can get used to the sound. I am coming to this track after listening to several Liesching's piano pieces and Almost threw my head phones right off at first it was jarring on the high pitch plucking notes especially on 2nd listen now. Said in the best interest of the piece! Great Playing! as always!

+1 June 23 2016 09:39:37 GemmyFkennyadry
Thanks for your review! Well appreciated :) And Noted!
April 04 2016 17:32:08
FrankisaurFrankisaur Very nice!

April 01 2016 22:52:41
aleonzaleonz everytime I hear Petrucci he always take me to another time and space, he is like Aretha on his guitar play...soulful, just like what you did to me with this track Kenny, and you always do with all song that you play (that is what I always hear), and with this beautiful piano from Marc, it become a perfect painting! Thank you for this brother!

April 01 2016 22:48:23
RobMRobM I found Petrucci while hearing LTE on the Launchcast radio. Ended up buying buying their albums and the duet "A night with...." Jordan Rudess many years ago now.
This is fantastic Kenny, great duet and beautiful soulful phrasing my friend :)

April 01 2016 22:40:07
FurlanoFurlano Awesome !

April 01 2016 20:41:13
FrankieJFrankieJ Beautiful kenny.

April 01 2016 20:00:28
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler Oh "Dream theater axeman" mode,yes I agree with you, Petrucci is excellent player,I like DT and also Liquid Tension Experiment. Awesome bro, you play with a great feeling:)

April 01 2016 19:34:09
StefStef Two great musicians together! Fantastic Kenny! :)

April 01 2016 18:03:09
jaeusmjaeusm Really nice playing! Excellent add :)
+1 April 01 2016 18:37:24 jaeusmkennyadry
Thank you Jaeusm :)
April 01 2016 17:42:21
LieschingLiesching YEEEESSSSSSS! Kenny this is AWESOME! This masterful, utterly beautiful addition really makes my weekend, my friend! Thanks a ton :)
+2 April 01 2016 17:45:48 Lieschingkennyadry
THank you Marc! You're piano has always been so inspiring and touches one's soul...Thank you so much my friend :)

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