What a Lucky Girl

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schwaglr44 jams Supporter
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First, I'd like to thank TG_Strat for pointing me in the direction of this jam. Also, thanks to Gary for his encouragement.

Keith Emerson is definitely a major influence for me. I listened to a lot of ELP growing up, and the band's rendition of "Pictures at an Exhibition" made a big impact. I am very thankful to have a track like this to pay homage to one of my musical heroes.

Technical stuff: To match the Lucky Man sound, take a few square waves and detune them slightly. Get one of the LFO's modulating pitch to further enhance the oscillating, ringing effect. Small amount of resonance at the filter cutoff and away you go. While playing, it was necessary to keep a hand free to adjust glide time (glissando rate) and the fine tuning depending on how high or low I was playing. It was fun to learn about how Emerson made this sound.


January 01 2017 20:28:09
Major 3rdMajor 3rd
great key adds!

April 27 2016 06:42:40
francisco alfrancisco al
bom trabalho

April 09 2016 23:34:47
My mistake, I meant to say 'Emerson, Lake and Palmer', not the 'Who',..age and my memory don't get along to well these days.
+0 April 10 2016 00:39:42 EspTrojan schwaglr
Thank you for the nice compliment. That is exactly the sound I was going for. :)
April 09 2016 23:25:53
Great all around song. Sort of reminds me of the "Who".

April 05 2016 05:17:38
Fantastic adds. The atmosphere you give this takes it to another dimension. Thanks so much for your very professional touches
+0 April 05 2016 05:29:19 MorganLeFey schwaglr
Thank you for your kind words. This was a very rewarding track to work on. I'm grateful for your music :)
April 05 2016 05:30:10 MorganLeFey MorganLeFey
hey I am just stoked you wanted to add to the version with vocals
April 04 2016 09:29:21
You made some great atmosphere with this great track!
+0 April 05 2016 05:27:35 kennyadry schwaglr
Thank you, my friend!
April 02 2016 23:44:40
What you did here really enhance this Wonderful track to far above! you know very well what the track needed Schwaglr! I listen to this a few times...so lovely!
+0 April 03 2016 00:03:04 aleonz schwaglr
Thank you! I've listened to a lot of ELP over the years, so this is my pale attempt to travel on the road that Emerson paved.

Thanks so much for taking the time to listen!
April 03 2016 00:06:39 aleonz aleonz
always a pleasure schwaglr! I spent quite sometimes to explore tracks here, s many inspirations, and help me so much to learn new things everyday :)
April 02 2016 23:13:30
Enjoyed this immensely, so much that I wish you would have made it longer. Great job on extending it though.
Being an old fart I agree with Furlano 100%.

+1 April 03 2016 00:00:43 garymcmill schwaglr
Makes me very happy to read this! Feels good to have left you wanting more :) But feels even better to possibly stoke some memories of a time gone by. Good to be on this track with you
April 02 2016 20:51:24
Very cool, love this Moog stuff, fits this song brilliantly
+0 April 02 2016 21:50:39 jmrukkers schwaglr
Thanks so much for listening! Glad you've got love for the Moog. :)
April 02 2016 19:07:36
awesome addition on this :)
+0 April 02 2016 19:46:19 Danalyze45 schwaglr
So glad you enjoyed it, Dan! Thanks for the awesome template :)
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