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April 09 2016 17:38:13
martijnmartijn Have you listend to The Call, the Henry Grimes album I borrowd you?
+0 April 09 2016 18:03:42 martijnericblom
That one has not yet been set on the turntable, I think. But I have certainly heard during the legendary 'office painter days'
April 09 2016 17:35:36
martijnmartijn Holy shit how could I have missed this! I have received your 'Giger Lenz Marron' in dropbox and will hear it this evening!

This is great!! I will download this and freak out on this. No mercy! Thanks Eric!!!

+1 April 09 2016 18:07:23 martijnericblom
Ik dacht al bij het uploaden; "dit zou wel eens iets voor Martijn kunnen zijn"..Thanks for the compliment!!
April 03 2016 17:31:40
LoBiasLoBias Sounds like we are in the 'Giger Lenz Marron' zone - but without Marron. Sadly Eddy passed away a few years ago but I might be tempted to try this one :)
+2 April 03 2016 20:17:49 LoBiasericblom
I checked out the music of Giger Lenz Marron and it is great. Did not know that. I'm afraid I cannot compare with them.
April 03 2016 20:43:10 LoBiasLoBias
Hi Eric, their LP 'Where the Hammer Hangs' is more in a free style and I do think your playing is in a similar vein. I can't be compared with Eddy Marron of course !
April 03 2016 15:36:06
TG_StratTG_Strat I don't have the musical education to really comment on this type of music, but I listened to it a couple of times, and from what I can hear you had fun recording it (and the drummer as well, he gave it a good go!). So just for that reason alone double thumbs up from me! :)
+1 April 03 2016 15:49:06 TG_Stratericblom
Many thanks TG. I've learned a little about chords and diagrams in jazz. I play an experiment with it. With this piece, I had a score. I've interpreted it freely (as you can hear....haha) I'll write down the chords so if you want to give it a try......
April 03 2016 15:52:46 TG_Stratericblom
F- Bb7
Eb^ - C7
F- Bb7
G- C7 B^ Bb7 Eb Ab
E- A7 F- Bb7 G-C7 F#_B7
April 07 2016 17:17:43 TG_StratPexe
nice one eric, a sugestion, try to put a captation on the bridge and overdrive
April 07 2016 20:54:49 TG_Stratericblom
Ok, I wil try next time Pexe!!

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