You believed in me - Thank You! ft HEMANIFEZT

Remix step #3 (playing)


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A Hiphop-ish song with real instruments yo!!

We all got someone that we want to say thank you for believing in us in the past, related to music or otherwise. I recently had the opportunity to say "thank you" to a friend that I lost contact with for almost 30 years - so when I saw those lyrics by Mr. HEMANIFEZT I liked them immediately.

Bass by bhunt1...drums by rp3drums...Guitars by me (background/solo)...some synth keys in the background mixed in...some scratches...background female singing by SoleilxLune ("Vocal 27" from looperman).....and of course rap by the one and only HEMANIFEZT who allows free use of his rap.

Thank you bhunt1 Brian and rp3drums Raymond - this is so much fun!!

Thank YOU for listening, love a comment, especially if you feel like contributing advice about the mix, volume, anything, all appreciated. Thanks! :)


April 06 2016 11:34:53
GuadañaGuadaña Great song and mix TG!!!!

April 06 2016 09:46:04
incivanpicoincivanpico Very nice song 🎶 TG😉 mixed to perfection m8, nice1.

April 06 2016 02:16:54
bhunt1bhunt1 really happy the way this came out - it was really fun to play on this :)

April 05 2016 23:55:28
onewholeftonewholeft Really good TG

April 05 2016 22:19:23
schwaglrschwaglr Well done! :)

April 05 2016 22:06:09
KMstarKMstar Great job man! Sounds great!!!

April 05 2016 22:05:44
FunkystanFunkystan Whoo TG... Sounds great... The track is just great, I love the ambiance and your voice on this fits great... Nice solo coming at 2:08 too ^^
+1 April 05 2016 23:40:54 FunkystanTG_Strat
LOl I wish it was me rapping...the singer is Hemanifezt, I just did guitars and mixing, that sort of stuff.
April 06 2016 11:30:05 FunkystanFunkystan
Ok... I thought you were singing on too... Your mixing and guitar work sound great anyway :)
April 05 2016 21:26:05
garymcmillgarymcmill The mix sounds GREAT!!

April 05 2016 21:19:44
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Very good!!

Absolut gute Arbeit! Lautstärke, Panning, Anordnung der Instrumente und vocals, klingt alles super! Tolle Arbeit, cool Band !!

April 05 2016 21:16:40
serioussseriouss wow, that's really great, very cool collaboration guys


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