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United States
acoustic Guitar, Drums & Vocals:
solozolo445 jams
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Key Boards would kick butt..Female back up vocals too off and on would help too i think... I wrote this three weekend's ago and decided to up load it here.... I just love music...


Sounds very good, authentic Song! I like, but in my opinion it´s better to do some help for the others. Give some Info about your Music, what Chords or Key, bpm and so on. It´s easier for someone to jump in! ;)+0
April 05 2016 20:15:50
solozolo I would love to but if I’m creating it is by ear and sound I don’t understand one cord from another. Sorry for that..
If I learn a cover tune I just sit and play with it by sound
That is one of my down falls I don’t know the names of the cords or what they are.
April 05 2016 20:38:53
adu I hear someting like D Major in a 4/4 and 101 bpm ;) without correctness :) +0

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