Dire Dance?

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A trademark superb track from Kenny. Intricate, varied and very challenging. Fantastic. I had such grand plans for this track. Grand plans which occurred to me throughout work today, and all of which, along with my coordination, seemed to disappear on a two-week business trip to the Cayman Islands by this evening.

Anyway, gave it my best shot. I'm really not happy with the ride patterns in the chorus - they're all over the shop but seemed fine when I was playing them. Damn these noise-isolating headphones. Only once I got upstairs (and unable to go back and fix) and started mixing did I realise what a car crash it was and beyond my editing skills and patience to remedy.

The backbeats are still in time. Just try and ignore the ride cymbal. Sorry about that. Had better days...

No reverb on the HD drums. Or timekeeping, it appears.


July 18 2016 00:26:45
EvilvinceEvilvince Wohhhhhhaaaaaaaaa !!!

June 27 2016 14:56:49
MolberMolber Great drums Martin! Love it

June 07 2016 02:28:28
francisco alfrancisco al muito legal

April 17 2016 23:22:13
FrankMilFrankMil You're very hard on yourself man, this is great

April 17 2016 19:30:44
CKArmstrongCKArmstrong No apologies needed for this one.

April 17 2016 16:31:19
jamladyjamlady yeah great Martin!

April 17 2016 03:17:24
gwailoahgwailoah Backtracking through the jam to give a double thumb here. Wouldn't be too hard on yourself - is smack on the money for me! Spanking snare!

April 12 2016 20:48:41
ShiShi I am liking the way this track drives along :) feel the wind on my face

April 12 2016 20:15:41
pklieschpkliesch Great, Great, Great! Can't say how much I live this Police styled Track. Perfect drummin' Mister!! :)

April 10 2016 13:32:11
PsychoPsycho Great play MP !!


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