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Nothing more than a couple of riffs stitched together that i think sound quite nicely, namely the chordal part - despite some mysterious mini pops & clicks that appear here & there. Must measure my bass's battery.. :(


Lenny Cowler
super bro:)+1
April 06 2016 13:05:23
Lenny Cowler
nuno1959 Thanks a lot Lenny ! +1
Nice riffing. I'm especially excited about the sounds you're getting in that slowly evolving introduction. Very cool!+1
April 06 2016 13:04:18
nuno1959 Thanks a lot SCH !!
I make those tapping gently on the back of the neck then on the body, open strings, through the FX : comp, chorus & delay..
It just occurred to me it could work out nice & i must confess i like it too ;)
Super sounds you get there, regardless of the battery pops, hardly noticeable anyway! On another note, you have been found guilty by TG's virtual unrecognised vigilante Kangaroo court of borrowing a perfectly good song name from #68992, published last week. The SEVERE punishment is for you to play bass on the original track - alternatively you can sing on it :D+1
April 06 2016 12:58:00
nuno1959 OK mr.TG, 1st of all thank you very much.
2nd, about singing : i thought I should be the one to be punished, not the other Wikiloopers… :D :D :D
Solar systems will implode, stars collapse… Oh well, don't say i didn't warn you….
April 06 2016 14:31:13
TeeGee Well, if you read carefully in the small print of the judgemnt it says "If the judge don't like what you did TeeGee will sing on YOUR track", and that will open up a musical black hole and swallow Wikiloops completely :O . +1
Ganda moka man... ;)

Very nice Nuno... ;)
April 06 2016 13:01:41
nuno1959 Sim, a sopa tava boa…. soa bem, não soa ? :D
Thanks Tuts !!
Always great to take place in the nunoship for traveling in the nunosphere+1
April 07 2016 05:04:15
nuno1959 Eh, eh, Chris, many thanks !! I'm liking that ship & that sphere concept !
Now.. what shall i add to the tea for ''the trip'' to be complete ? :D
April 07 2016 05:07:03
Tofzegrit une bouteille de Château Nuno 1959 :) +1
Pit Brett
unbelievable good nuno! what a sound and peaceful atmosphere :)+1
April 07 2016 05:01:30
Pit Brett
nuno1959 Thanks Pit, 1 reason i love fx is that they open doors to explore in ways i wouldn't maybe play normally !
This is a perfect example.. ;)
very tasty riff Nuno, cool vibe!+1
April 07 2016 05:05:09
nuno1959 Thanks Alice, chilling out some.. ;) +0
Got me again...download.+1
April 07 2016 05:08:30
nuno1959 Thanks Wade ! This stuff is fun, have a ball.. ;) +0
Love it Nuno. Very cool athmosphere and chords. You're an amazing bass player my friend, full of talent and creativity.+1
April 07 2016 16:56:06
nuno1959 Eh, eh, eh… Estos latinos son todos tan exagerados !! :D Thank goodness…. ;)
Many thanks bro, much appreciated
April 07 2016 17:27:43
Guadaña :D +0
great sound Nuno - experimental stuff :)+1
April 09 2016 04:57:14
nuno1959 Thanks @Fresh, always good fun trying stuff out.. ;) +0

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