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Vintage tracks new chapter This one has been composed in 2004 and as usual, I've changed the original sounds from a Roland JV1080 for my actual VST instruments A kind of Pop music, I don't know what could be some addition on it but I believe there is so creative people here...


very cool song Tof!+1
JE ne sais pas encore quoi en faire, mais elle est chez moi, ta tune de 2004 !+1
Love those big fat tones, cool lines as well Chris !!+1
Love it man! Great flow and very cool sounds! :)+1
April 08 2016 23:19:20
Tofzegrit I'm cleaning the memory and feed the patrimony :) merci Marc +1
FABULOUS FABULOUS FABULOUS!!! Man that Low notes riffing is to die for! This one should get drummer's attentions!!+0
very nice, fluffy and flaky ;o)+1
Pit Brett
very cool sounds and playing :)+1
fantastic, you have very creative and interesting things Tofz+1
Marcelo D
So here on the loops we have Tof with amazing bass, great guitar, good drums and awesome keys. You got it all. Wish I could play lots of instrument but my mind is setted only for keys... Congrats.+1
April 07 2016 23:00:35
Marcelo D
Tofzegrit and vocals sometimes :D
merci Peixe. I have played alone for a long time so I had to play all myself !!
But Keys were almost always quantisized or not, I worked with an old Akai ASQ10 sequencer and a ROland Canvas then a Roland JV1080
April 07 2016 23:05:48
Marcelo D
Marcelo D Sounds great to me. I have already used the canvas and it is very difficult to make beautiful sounds with it. You did a veru good job.
Roland is another history. I love my roland keys. I will star to use them at the loops very soon. There are some kickass stuff!!!

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