Falling To You (Piano)

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I almost joined Kenny's remix with his beautiful fancy chords but I just couldn't say no to Alice when she told me that she would be happy to hear my own version. So here it is... It is very different from all the other versions. I guess I am still going to join Kenny on this in the future. Thanks Alice for this. It is a lovely song.
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Acoustic; Piano and Voice


Beautiful harmonic development and fine playing with great taste! So good Marcelo! :)+1
May 27 2016 04:53:39
Marcelo D Thank you Stef. This is one of my favorites tracks too. Glad you liked :) +0
fantastic Peixe+1
April 27 2016 13:27:01
Marcelo D Thanks m8!!! +0
April 08 2016 22:43:53
Marcelo D Obrigado :) +0
Oh man, your version is really good Marcelo! Beautiful approach, it got some clasical, bluesy and jazzy influences altogether! Way way cool! Enjoyed this piece of music very much! :)+1
April 08 2016 22:43:22
Marcelo D Hey Marc. I listened to your version and I was wondering if someday I will play like that. I guess the answer is a big NO! That is because we are both one of a kind. That is the full magic that is around the loops. So many different people making music together and exchanging impressions and tunes. I learn a lot from you. All your tracks bring me something that is opposite from what I had previously wondered for the track and in the end we still have a lot in common. Thank you very much for your feedback. In the end the Magic is in the differences... +1
April 09 2016 11:55:29
Marceys Very true Marcelo! We should not play the same but listen and play together complement eachother! :) +2
April 08 2016 20:33:11
Marcelo D Thanks Jamlady... :) +0
Intimate atmosphere :)+1
April 08 2016 15:47:11
Marcelo D Yes Titi. It is a super song from Alice. I did what I could to be "as high in the sky as" she did here. :) +0
cody tripp
really cool+1
April 08 2016 13:59:25
cody tripp
Marcelo D Thanks Cody :) +1
Ooohhhh Myyyyyy ! you really take my breath away Marcelo! (I should calm myself down to be able to write...inhale exhale), what a beautiful blessing to this song...far from I can imagine when I made this song. You know I will be happy if you play on Kenny's track too :) , but I'm so so glad that I asked you to make your own version.
This piano of you really pause my world for a while, I'm frozen in time , in the middle of my hectic day. Thank you very much Marcelo!

ps: how long does it take to be able to play like this huahahahahah dream on alice dream onnnnn! LOL
April 08 2016 09:53:53
aleonz the opening, the bridge - till the end ...wowzerrrrr +1
April 08 2016 13:16:20
Marcelo D Hi Alice. It took me exactly 30 years until now to play like this :) That is a lot of time. And how can I do to sing like this? You know that you can learn how to play the piano but I can't change my voice. My voice sounds like a cheap out of tune instrument :)
Your song is amazing. I am very happy to play for it. Thanks :) Glad you liked!!!
April 08 2016 13:21:41
aleonz 30 years...let me count...emmm I'm not real good on counting years haha! I never hear you singin so you need to post some sample :P

Thank you Marcello! I love this track :)
What a lovely add Piexe!!! It almost sounded a mix of classical jazz and blues. You got me at 1:08 man!!! Great following on Alice's notes on the bridge! Love it man :)+1
April 08 2016 13:09:37
Marcelo D Hi Kenny. So now you know that I am this mix from classical, blues and jazz (you can add some reggae too hahaha) When I started to record I had a impression that this track had no sense at all but when I got to 1:00 I noticed that this was the path to follow.
There are so many influences in me that is easy to get lost in style. I am not so clear as you are in playing. In this track I just let this complex thing do the job.
It is such a lovely track.
All the flowers to Alice that delivered it to us.
I am very glad you liked.
You are an awesome musician! :)
April 08 2016 16:15:46
kennyadry I thing that is a big big asset that you have, to combine all sorts of styles into one roll! This one is top-class man :) +1

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