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Very strange little thing i came up with haha. Feel free to try and add anything, haha. 92 bpm hip hop beat, heavy on the swing to get that "baboom bap" feel.
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Hip Hop, Strange, Swing


very cool+1
Marcelo D
This is very cool. Highly potential template. Did you played it all?+1
April 09 2016 04:06:38
Marcelo D
Pedersen Well, technically im not playing much.

i create my drums in a drum machine, so im just laying it out.

the drums are made up of 2 layers. the first layer is the same samples as i used in the funk drum track (funkenstein) and then i added another layer.. to get that tight "909" sound.

the keys.. celeste, or whatever you want to call it, is played over 2 recording, the first one is just the baseline, then some small melodies on top of it.

then i took that, duplicated it so it's in octaves, delayed the high octave part very slighty.

Then i added some FX, im not sure what they actually do.. but its these FX that makes it sound very strange and complex.

ill take a relook at this, see if i can make it longer and do a song structure out of it, and fit in the keys part without all the FX for people to hear.

sorry about the novel. i felt like sharing it with you!
April 09 2016 11:40:29
Marcelo D
Marcelo D No novel at all. I enjoy to know... Even more cause you did it all. Great job. This is cool! +1
Cool :D+1
very cool track Pedersen, somehow kind of gave me the feeling like I was opening my music box and watching the ballerina in it :) but this with a cool beat ! sweet+1
April 11 2016 08:42:05
Pedersen i often go for that "Music Box" sound, i really like it.

i always picture .. a cute, but empty and horrorfying atmosphere/sound/melody when thinking of music boxes. :D

Glad you liked it!
great creative track!+1
yolo :D:D+1
Lenny Cowler
very cool!+1
Animated toy box!+1
Jeg har lavet en lille bas til den her og tilføjet en lille træls knas flagolet tone på d strengen hist og pist, den kan svagt antydes. Mega fedt beat du har lavet.+1
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