ALLEY'S SONG w Dan, OB-Lix, & Klaus

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Dan and I have collaborated before, and I've always been impressed with his musical side. What I didn't know was how good a single parent he is - I have big respect for the way he's trying to make the world better for his 2 daughters by putting their needs before his own. This song is for his oldest daughter, Alicia, aka Alley. I kicked off the lyrics, and Dan and Marty made it a true 3-way co-write with their ...
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Backtracking from JM keyboard add to give a big thumb for a great lyric and vocal performance, great track from everyone, well done!!+2
Having worked through the roughs together, I had an idea this would be special. I had no idea how special until hitting play here. Thank you Anne, Marty, OB and Klaus. Thank you Anne for the kind words above also on the back story of this song. Truth is without friends like you and many others here, I would not be able to be that person. A final HUGE thank you to Dick...I hope that he knows how special WL is when hearing something like this. I will go weep now :) :)+1
April 09 2016 22:59:16
AnneCozean Is there anything more important than helping to shape your child's life for the better? this was a good 'un, Dan! next time let's make you laugh :) hug your girls from Sis and me, please. :) +1
April 09 2016 23:29:49
Danalyze45 The next will be more the "whirling dervish 5 year old" song :) +1
Anne, before I press the play button already I feel the emotion rise inside me ...and then here your voice floating in all its extraordinary softness and silkiness and also the amazing vocal contribution from your Sister. A song simply wonderful so as are wonderful the lyrics and the touching dedication ... are things you reconcile the soul and are good for the heart! Thanks dear Anne for all these gifts... :)+1
April 09 2016 23:09:17
AnneCozean Thank you for the song love, Stef - it's comforting to know there are men with open hearts as raw as hamburger - feeling everything, good and not so good, but FEELing. you are truly that open heart, Brother. we are glad! :) +0
Wonderful song, great voices! :)+1
Great to hear you sing with your sister. Great job all. :)+1
Great lyrics and vocals.+1
Too cool for school ;)+1
touching! Well done :)+1
Beautiful song and beautiful vocals, I'm always a big fan of your voice Anne, lovely harmonies!+1
I'm gone a little bit,come back and hear complete joy in my ears! Awesome ! :)+1
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