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SOmetimes, I also play and write music seriously ! Here is a tune of mine, It is just an exemple of what I love to compose. In the future, I would like to play all these tunes with you, and make an album. So, let me know if you could be intersted with my creations !


January 08 2017 04:41:44
francisco alfrancisco al
bom trabalho, Furlano. legal

December 07 2016 21:03:22
Très chouette morceau. Je vais essayer de caser ma guitare, car il n'y à ,pas beaucoup de place pour un autre solo. Mais ça balance drôlement.

April 10 2016 15:10:12
cool piece :) a full template really !
+1 April 10 2016 17:56:14 OliVBee Furlano
Thank you Olive ! I decided to show the music I write to make a wiki band ! I will show 2 or 3 other musics like this, and after, I will built all the scores and tracks for a real share with the friends ! I also have to find back my password to Paypal uahahahaha !!! :D
April 10 2016 14:35:32
cody trippcody tripp
really cool !!!
+1 April 10 2016 14:53:27 cody tripp Furlano
Thank you for this visit : you know it is important for me !
April 10 2016 10:57:37
Super jazz-rock
+1 April 10 2016 11:04:17 ToulGuitar Furlano
AH, salut Francis je croyais que t'étais mort !!! :D Merci d'écouter ce truc, j'en ai bavé à l'époque, vu tous les noeuds dans les doigts que ça me faisait !!! Je ne pourrai pas aller plus loin intellectuellement : là, c'est le maxi de mes connaissances musicales... Bon DImanche !
April 10 2016 11:14:12 ToulGuitar ToulGuitar
Toujours vivant mais mon fils squate l'ordinateur pour regarder ses vidéos...A toi aussi bon dimanche.
April 10 2016 14:54:29 ToulGuitar Furlano
Francis, j'ai oubli" de te dire que ce morceau est écrit avec HARMONY, des frères Guillon à TOULOUSE !!!
April 12 2016 11:16:53 ToulGuitar ToulGuitar
Dis-m'en plus.
April 12 2016 13:41:38 ToulGuitar Furlano
Bah tu vas là :
Ciao !
April 10 2016 03:02:12
Yanni on growth hormones ,very slick arragement and sound . Is there a drumless version? would love to take a shot at this track .G
+1 April 10 2016 03:11:28 Drumshticks Furlano
Hello drumsticks ! Thank you very much for your interest ! Yes, I can make a track without drums ! I only need the time to do it ! This tune is one of several projects I want to realise with the friends of Wikiloops ! I am glad of your enquiry (I don't know if it is the right word !) :D Bye bye !
April 10 2016 00:06:14
Hey Nono:) Very cool track:);)
+1 April 10 2016 01:12:23 petebass Furlano
Thank you, Pete : it is really the best I can do : I cannot play or create more than this !
April 09 2016 23:39:37
Cool Track, furlano :)
+1 April 10 2016 01:11:25 pkliesch Furlano
Thank you Kliesh ! Some others will come !
April 09 2016 22:04:47
Furlano! you've got a very tasty track! great tune!
+1 April 09 2016 23:09:39 aleonz Furlano
Thank you Alice. SOrry for the quality : It is only a demo for the friends who'd like to play it with me !
April 09 2016 21:26:03
Ho, I like that! This has really cool influences, all kind of very good music, funk, fusion, a jazzy touch, very cool !! :)
+1 April 09 2016 21:31:01 frankyguitar Furlano
Thank you Franky, and has we said last time : It never sounds like we'd like !!! :-D
April 09 2016 21:33:20 frankyguitar frankyguitar
Well, that is the eternal curse of musician!! :D never get satisfaction :D

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