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Hello dear friend ! Lets continue the tour of my music world ! Here is a tune i composed in... 1979 ! I was exactly 19 and it is the best rock i ever wrote in my life... I created this track in november 2008. Enjoy !!!
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un chameau qui chante ?


francisco al
bom trabalho, Furlano. muito legal+1
Very cool, put me in mind of the band Asia. Nice!!+1
April 20 2016 09:23:36
Furlano Thank you, kid ! +0
Yes indeed!! Rock on!+1
April 19 2016 19:40:26
Furlano Merci Pudsy ! If you want to play it, I could put the tune without bass ! +1
great work, Fur!+1
April 10 2016 17:47:59
Furlano Thank You, Heliandros... I don't think I'll be able to do better : I really did my best !!! +0
It's a long time, from wrote to record. Sounds very nice! Did you all here? Has original the tune from the late 70' and the 80' stands At the door, with the cool ending part. I like it really:)+1
April 10 2016 14:57:44
Furlano Hello Franky ! Yes, I wrote every note, one by one, all the drums, too ! +1
April 10 2016 15:00:22
frankyguitar Thats really cool!! Did you also playing all alone, and singing too? +0
April 10 2016 15:02:06
Furlano Thank you. Yes Franky : guitar and voices.... But I am not a singer ! +1
ToTo NoNo :)
c'est propre et je reconnais bien les sons de l'époque (SlapBass2 :))
April 10 2016 14:52:07
Furlano Merci Totof ! J'ignorais que tu connaissais Melody ou Harmony !!! J'ai toujours ça pour le moment... Tu as quoi, toi ? +0
April 10 2016 15:12:42
Tofzegrit Pour les drums j'ai EZdrummer, EZKeys (piano/rhodes/clavinet) de chez Toontrack, synthé FM8 et Korg. En plugins :) +1
cody tripp
GREAT !!+1
April 10 2016 09:33:20
cody tripp
Furlano Merci Cody ! +1

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