Remix 67! Acoustic Guitar Jam

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Everyone is doin it - so I joined the club on this great old track from yesteryear with my atk fretless. Perchance some adventurous soul might use it as a backing track on some wonderful day in the future, or sooner! :)


April 15 2016 02:03:36
Maccaferri01Maccaferri01 This is great! Vibes like " sunny " by bobby hebb. That fretless must be a slippy slidey monster
+1 April 15 2016 02:53:45 Maccaferri01Ernie440
Thanks Mac! haha interesting comparison with sunny .. I see what you mean. Yeah the ATK fretless is a heavy duty machine, not your typical fretless. I have light gauge flats on it, it is a slip slidey monster.. good one!
April 11 2016 01:28:06
aleonzaleonz ah what a great morning, so many wonderful track posted, and this tasty bass line is one that put a smile to my face !
+1 April 11 2016 01:51:05 aleonzErnie440
ahhh thanks very much Alice. :)
April 11 2016 01:13:41
axenvocsaxenvocs perfect
+1 April 11 2016 01:18:30 axenvocsErnie440
hey bud, thanks for stoppin by checking this out!
April 11 2016 00:56:48
StefStef Fantastic sound from your Atk fretless! Super sound and playing Pudsy! :)
+1 April 11 2016 01:17:38 StefErnie440
Thanks so much for the comment and checking it out Stef! :)
April 10 2016 22:24:58
BossHenBossHen great tone on the fretless Pudsy.
Looks you had a busy weekend lots of new mixes

+1 April 10 2016 23:16:52 BossHenErnie440
yeah, I did .. it was fun too! haha Thanks Boss :)
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