The Big Band #2 mic to amp

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Guitar, Trumpet & Trombone:
cody tripp1400 jams
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United States
Drumshticks1352 jams
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Ernie4401917 jams
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This is my second upload of this. Getting some weird thumping I think recording direct into the interface with headphones, pickups maybe. This cut is with a cheap radio shack mic directly in front of my amp speaker and I jammed this with backing track coming through the stereo. I think it sounds a lot different .. better? I don't know!! An experiment. The joys of mixing for a noob. :)
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big rock band jam


It matches fine. Has a real live sound. Reaction? Who is this bass player? Seamless. Blends well. The track all bassists wish for!
He said- listening in his Sennheiser PRO 280 HD headphones.
June 05 2017 16:39:08
Ernie440 Nice headphones! :) & thanks kindly Mike! ;) +0
francisco al
bom trabalho, Ernie. muito bom+1
October 28 2016 01:40:07
francisco al
Ernie440 Muito obrigado Francisco! +0
Pudsy's time !+1
July 31 2016 16:17:30
Ernie440 Pudsy sends his kindest regards. :) +0
This is great and @57 and 2:12 onwards is a delight - I can hear late '60s classic soul bass :)+1
June 03 2016 20:16:07
LoBias Yes, the whole track does motor along nicely :) +1
June 03 2016 17:09:58
Ernie440 Thanks for the listen and comment man, appreciate it! :) It was a fun track from Cody and Shticks on drums really knows how to drive this style. :) +1
cody tripp
Missed this one somehow. Awesome bass Joe+1
June 01 2016 16:56:43
cody tripp
Ernie440 Thanks Tom! :) :) It's "Ernie" btw, but you can call me Joe! haha :D +1
June 01 2016 16:58:12
cody tripp
cody tripp Ernie it is ha ha +1
Sound way better in two ways: 1. low end & 2. bringing bass alive.
It went from am car radio to live james jammerson.
April 15 2016 14:07:43
Ernie440 Thanks a lot johnny for confirming, I'm new to this but I know for a fact that there are things you can playing through your amp for sounds that you can't do direct in, regardless of what some sound guys say. Imagine if jimi h. recorded everything direct in?? haha .. so much for his feedback techniques. +1
Cool track. Great bassin'! Got that feel.+1
April 12 2016 23:03:11
Ernie440 hey bud, thanks! :D +1
Your mix is cool compare your bass volumes with speakers VS headphones and low volume speakers to other songs and I go with Pete take it easy it gets easier over time :)
If in trouble send me a singletrack and I mix your bass :) again great bass bro!
April 12 2016 01:43:42
Ernie440 Thanks my friend, appreciate the feedback and the offer. It's a learning curve! :) +1
This is super pudsy my friend your sound is so cool with the Mike! Awesome basslines! :)+1
Always enjoy your bass playing right on the money great support but yet versatile moving in and out of the groove. G+1
April 12 2016 01:44:39
Ernie440 Thanks my man, the feeling is mutual! haha +1

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