O Nosso Amor w/ a little percussion

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I tried a couple of things, but at the end of the day I felt that just a shaker was all this tune needed, so that's all I added. I do like Ricky's drum line. This is just a little different take.


April 12 2016 11:05:24
ToulGuitarToulGuitar It tastes good.

April 12 2016 03:30:39
aleonzaleonz you add just the right excellent element to this track Franki, agree with the other said, your shaker keep the track steady..glad you come with this and happy to have you on this track
+1 April 12 2016 04:04:23 aleonzFrankisaur
Thank you Alice!
April 12 2016 00:31:11
PeixePeixe Being simple is the most sofisticated thing. Great add Franky! Thanks for joining us :)
+1 April 12 2016 02:08:54 PeixeFrankisaur
It's my pleasure Peixe! I really dig your sounds!
April 12 2016 04:18:48 PeixePeixe
Thanks :)
April 11 2016 22:24:47
RikyRiky man, this track was really needing this! I was hoping for a shaker or some congas to come along, this is awesome :)
+1 April 12 2016 02:04:59 RikyFrankisaur
Thanks Riky! I really like what you did too! And the bass line grooves!
April 11 2016 21:58:29
MarceysMarceys And the shaker gave enough steadyness to this track! Great play man! :)
+2 April 11 2016 22:04:23 MarceysFrankisaur
Thanks Marc! It's a sweet tune, you folks are great!
April 11 2016 22:25:51 MarceysRiky
Especially on the guitar solo, the bass seemed a bit shaky on the tempo in the beginning, it's well supported now :)
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