O Nosso Amor

Remix step #3


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Remix step #6 (playing)


mpointon472 jams Supporter
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I love Latin music but I wouldn't call it a forte of mine. Great track, went for a busy samba style. Probably too busy in truth. But hey, can't have everything. The annoying thing about working is the amount of time I get in the evening to get tracks done - i.e. not enough so this is jammed to say the least. And had a few repairs done to it too! Sorry.

I'm now using the Waves VST plugins. They're fantastic quality but I, erm, haven't got the hang of them yet so the drum sound probably isn't the best.

Using my Yamaha Mahogany snare with my Spaun kit on this track.


No reverb on the HD mix.


May 22 2016 21:44:21
PsychoPsycho Great job MP :)

April 15 2016 09:44:59
dimeomaxdimeomax Wow, perfect latin...and great fusion with bass, really cool 👍👍

April 15 2016 04:06:32
FrankisaurFrankisaur Very nice! Love the ride/snare work:)

April 13 2016 21:37:15
WadeWade Yea, I think a lot of us are are in the same position of having to just jam when we know that to do a good job of a track takes a bit longer than we are giving it. Having said that, I wish I could do the sort of justice you're doing with my jams. Too busy? Naw, this is the right treatment...exciting.

April 13 2016 17:05:50
aleonzaleonz that plugin is a killer Martin, lots of stuff to digging, but it will give you a great time to play with it.

this drums sounds so cool, great dynamic, gave the live feeling going on! the more i listen the more it's feel great :) so good to have you here Martin :)

+1 April 13 2016 18:34:16 aleonzmpointon
Thank you! :) this is one of those tracks where I knew in my head what I wanted hear and just had to hope my coordination was up to it. I just wish I'd had more time on it to get some of the phrases!
April 13 2016 02:06:05
allan1970allan1970 Amazing in every way.

April 13 2016 02:05:43
PeixePeixe Really great playing! We only need new mix like Oliv said... Lets mix out this track and I am sure it will sound totally fantastic. If you want I can send you my HQ Piano mpointon...

April 13 2016 01:05:17
piperpiper Great job kids! :D

April 12 2016 23:27:31
FunkystanFunkystan Great play, great track... Thanks Martin ^^

April 12 2016 23:16:52
Ernie440Ernie440 Sounds great to me! Good job.


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