Love Comes Around

Remix step #2


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Remix step #4
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slynch196746 jams
Remix step #5 (playing)


mpointon484 jams Supporter
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Great template from Pat and all the other adds have turned this into a fine piece of commercial pop music. So I put my pop hat on and got on with it.

Gentle rim click in the verses, backbeat on the chorus. Not really much to add beyond keep it straight, supportive and unobtrusive. And turn up the reverb on the drums. Really enjoy these challenges of restraint.


No reverb on the HD drums.


September 05 2016 16:04:10
Somehow I missed this...Superb ad Martin :) Thank you :)

April 16 2016 00:59:28
the sign of a great drummer...... play for the song, not your ego ! outstanding job Martin :)

April 15 2016 11:57:43
awwww, what a sweet drums you play here Martin, this is sit perfectly with the song, light..bright, sounds so great to my ears :) glad you join us Martin! thank you
+1 April 15 2016 12:16:56 aleonz mpointon
Thank you, Alice! :) It's a great track from all of you. :)
April 15 2016 09:44:18
great rhythm

April 15 2016 00:42:03
Superb !!

April 15 2016 00:13:12
Nice drumming! Fits perfectly. The mix is really good, too!
+1 April 15 2016 00:54:38 jaeusm mpointon
Thank you, Jaues! Amazingly I've stopped using compressors and am letting the dynamics do their job. I'm so pleased you like the mix.
April 14 2016 22:46:09
A big hit !!!
+1 April 15 2016 00:55:03 Furlano mpointon
Thank you, Furlano! :)
April 14 2016 22:36:08
BOOM!!! There it is! Man that sounds great, and complete. I play with the notion that "less is more", at times, and you nailed this. Thanks so much. By the way.... you mixed it in perfect :)
+1 April 14 2016 23:43:29 slynch1967 mpointon
Thanks, Slynch! I'm glad the mix is good for you. I totally agree with the 'less is more' approach, I just need to listen to my advice sometimes!

This is one of those occasions where I forced myself to stick to it!
April 14 2016 22:00:23
You're such a sensitive drummer! Now set to take one's favorite babe on the dance floor for a bit of "smooooth"
+1 April 14 2016 23:42:26 Wade mpointon
Thanks, Wade :)

But yeah, the babe on the dance floor bit is where I fall down. I dance like I'm on fire - literally, sadly. :(
April 15 2016 11:10:21 Wade Wade
Not you're on the drums...remember?
April 15 2016 11:12:35 Wade mpointon
LOL. Good. I can cope with that! For a drummer, I have a surprising lack of coordination on a dance floor!
April 14 2016 21:50:34
Your pop hat sounds so good Martin. I Love the fills before the eguitar sets the powerchords. Supports the Progression of the song in a cool way. You can not only play the drums, you can read a song. :)
+1 April 14 2016 23:45:46 pkliesch mpointon
Thank you, Pat. Your templates always make me think about the song and not my performance. Whenever I listen to your templates I think of the band I was in during the '90s - the mantra I was given was 'play the song'. I strive to achieve that every time.
April 14 2016 23:47:27 pkliesch mpointon
And just to add, a comment from my first ever drum teacher: "if you do a whole gig and no one notices you then you've done your job properly".

So true.

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