Waiting 4 Tool....with drums

Remix step #4 (playing)
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Frankisaur79 jams Supporter
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Danny Carey is a big, big influence on me, and at first I was intimidated by Peter et alia with this amazing performance. I did my best to channel Danny, taking off the snares, adding some splashes, and riding the toms. This was a lot of fun to do. It could be much better, especially near the end.... Thanks to the three fantastic musicians for providing this template.


April 21 2016 15:53:29
PeterVeillonPeterVeillon I love your style. This is really great. Thank you, we needed this
+1 April 22 2016 04:05:41 PeterVeillonFrankisaur
Thank you Peter. Your initial track was unspeakably good, and the additional tracks were equally inspiring. It was a real treat to get a drum less tool song as a canvas. I'm definitely hanging on to this and will rework it in the next few... months probably.
April 18 2016 10:00:08
kennyadrykennyadry Perfect drumming here Franki! Love the rolls on the intro!
+1 April 18 2016 15:56:45 kennyadryFrankisaur
Thanks Kenny!
April 17 2016 13:35:04
FunkystanFunkystan Spot-on... Great one Frank ^^

April 17 2016 04:16:56
WikimarkWikimark Hell Yeah Right On :)
+1 April 17 2016 04:22:06 WikimarkFrankisaur
Thanks Mark!
April 17 2016 04:25:20 WikimarkWikimark
I really like the toms it keeps the track alive my favorite part is at :30 in
April 17 2016 04:11:01
WHITEPONGOWHITEPONGO Yeah Man !! Great drumming on this jam !! Very cool !!
+1 April 17 2016 04:13:18 WHITEPONGOFrankisaur
Thank you!! You guys laid down one bad-assed track here!
April 17 2016 04:15:45 WHITEPONGOWHITEPONGO
You locked it down with a solid drum performance. Very toolish/danny carey approach.
April 17 2016 03:14:54
JeebsieJeebsie Kicks Arse Frank:D
+1 April 17 2016 03:28:35 JeebsieFrankisaur
Thanks a lot Jeebs:)
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