Bowl Ass blues (gtr improv)

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very nice template by jomortimer & bhunt1 & ToulGuitar, thanks for sharing it ...! I feel it like more as jazz blues track?.. I added litlle solo (red zone) and few appointments(green zone) over final Toul solo... hope you like it guys....


April 17 2016 21:54:05
ToulGuitarToulGuitar Congralutation.
Not easy to play the blues with a missing leg (E7) no?
Não é fácil de tocar o blues com uma perna que faltava (E7) não?

+1 April 18 2016 03:36:13 ToulGuitarjjdf
Thanks Toul! yeah, something missing if you try to play as a blues progression. I used the natural minor scale, adding chromatic licks...
April 17 2016 21:43:08
aleonzaleonz very tasty solo JJ! the last part sounds very cool when you and Francis communicate ..sweet!
+1 April 18 2016 03:27:33 aleonzjjdf
thanks Al!!! I do appreciate you listen this paying attention to all small details... :)
April 17 2016 16:43:10
PeixePeixe Great. Muito bom Jj. Gostei muito dos detalhes e o solo também. Muito bom gosto. Abraços.
+1 April 17 2016 18:18:47 Peixejjdf
Obrigado Peixe! É gratificante o seu comentário em especial vindo de um excelente musico como você... o tempo é escasso mas do que já ouvi o seu piano jazz é fabuloso! ;)
April 17 2016 16:37:21
bhunt1bhunt1 That is some sweet guitar playing by you and Toul - you guys took this to a new level - thanks!
+1 April 17 2016 18:13:02 bhunt1jjdf
Thanks bhunt! I do appreciate your kind words! :)
April 17 2016 15:11:55
PsychoPsycho Good one jj !!
+1 April 17 2016 18:12:10 Psychojjdf
Thanks Psy!!!
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