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Frank said: "The voices in my head said to do it, still needs Jimmy P..."
As I told you Frank, I've sent a text to Jimmy. He told me "come on Stan, we already have Cody T and Frank M on this track! It's a job for Robert P!..."
I haven't got the other Mr "P"'s phone number. So voices in my head told me to do it by myself...

Cody, Drumsh', Frank. Great pleasure to play with you and to listen to you playing on this while recording.
Cody... Could you please record longuer tracks? 'Cause when your sister sings it's always too short ^^

This track sounds rock and I wanted to stay in that sound's spirit, but it would definitely need someone skilled to mix my add better than I did...
If anything's needed, just mail me, I'll do my best ^^

(Mike, if you come to listen to this track and read this, yes I'm recycling my lyrics ^^)


July 11 2016 01:38:04
Woweeeeee awesome!!!! :D
+1 July 11 2016 09:28:59 moonchild Funkystan
Thanks a lot ^^
May 09 2016 21:45:57
Yup another great track. You got it going on Stan. Good luck!
+1 May 09 2016 21:47:38 Girard Funkystan
Thanks pal ^^
May 09 2016 21:48:26 Girard Girard
You got it Chief
April 20 2016 23:40:18
:) great vocals Stan!
+1 April 20 2016 23:41:45 frenzie Funkystan
Many thanks... It makes me good :)
April 18 2016 22:29:50
c'est vraiment super bon stan
+1 April 18 2016 22:33:28 wikibeb Funkystan
Merci Beb' çà fait plaisir ^^
April 18 2016 22:34:57 wikibeb wikibeb
c'est mériter
April 18 2016 19:22:19
Great song FunkyS :)
+1 April 18 2016 20:08:43 GuitarPlyr Funkystan
Merci^^ Great band playing too... ^^
April 18 2016 17:35:16
great performance Stan! your style and cool singin make an excellent match to this track!
+1 April 18 2016 17:47:10 aleonz Funkystan
Many thanks Alice... But I'm still coming back to music, and training. I hope soon I'll be ready to join you on one of your tracks :)
April 18 2016 12:40:21
Great energetic performance from you, Stan - also the backing-vocals work very well here :)
+1 April 18 2016 13:34:55 Carpenter Funkystan
Hi Chris'... Many thanks^^ This band delivers high voltage energy when playing... Stage? Yep ^^ Could be great... By the way I love your sound on your last track ^^
April 18 2016 09:48:30
Very nice performance here Stan! I so love the accent of your English, I so want to have that :D
+1 April 18 2016 13:32:22 kennyadry Funkystan
Hey Kenny, I don't know what happened to my answer... It disappeared ^^... So again... Many thanks ^^And about my accent... French accent is mainly useful when talking with women :) I you don't need it, you have a wonderful girlfriend who is also a great song writter :)
April 18 2016 08:50:51
I like that!! A very good performance Stan (again)! Funny cause I've sung this Robert's shout last week for a try on an Ake's song 😊
+1 April 18 2016 08:53:56 Tofzegrit Funkystan
Thanks Tof'... What track's number is it? I've missed it... I've got to listen to your shout ^^
April 18 2016 08:55:55 Tofzegrit Tofzegrit
It was only a test:) no track available!
April 18 2016 09:01:06 Tofzegrit Funkystan
I've left a big space for a solo (Frank was and is looking for Jimmy P...^^) If you come to add a Jimmy P's solo, please add your shout too, could be great ;)
April 18 2016 03:24:33
Excellent! The panning on the first chorus dropped my jaw...well done!
+1 April 18 2016 07:31:13 Frankisaur Funkystan
Many thanks Frank ^^ Lead and back vocals rythm on that chorus parts lay on the backbeats and breaks coming from the band. They are awesome ^^

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