If You Ain't Gonna Stay

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mpointon532 jams
step I
Guitar & acoustic Guitar:
Antonio Augusto9 jams
United States
KellsBells68 jams
step III
MrFretless5 jams

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So... Here's my first Wikiloops remix. Ordinary blues bass with not so ordinary tone. Attempted to make this song sound even more, as KellsBells wrote, 'nitty gritty'. :) Thanks to users mpointon, Antonio Augusto and KellsBells for inspiration. Enjoy!


Cool Bass, great sound:) welcome Bro:);)+1
Antonio Augusto
Mr Fretless, hello. Very good your bass line. Welcome to the Loops. Enjoy+1
April 20 2016 22:54:55
Antonio Augusto
MrFretless Your guitars are cool as well! :) Inspired us somehow to do some different kind of blues. :) +1
A Joy to listen to! Great work all!+2
Very cool job! Love the sound of your bass! Nitty gritty indeed! Honored you chose my track as your first upload. Welcome to the Loops! It's a great community with lots of great musicians! Thanks for your addition to this song! :) look forward to hearing your future uploads! :D+2
April 20 2016 19:43:07
MrFretless Thanks for good words! I really like your vocals and I'm actually experimenting with the mix right now and I want to add a little distortion to your vocals if you don't mind, to get this 'nitty gritty' idea going even further. :) +1
April 20 2016 20:05:36
KellsBells I just heard. I think it's great! I don't mind. The best part about this place is the freedom to experiment! +0
April 20 2016 20:12:31
MrFretless Just was I was looking for. :) Great community here! +1
April 20 2016 20:21:01
KellsBells PS, I love your profile pic! I do band photography too. It's really cool looking. Also, I have the same pair of shoes. ;) wear my Chuck's all the time! :D enjoy the site here. It's addicting. Lots of talent and great people here. Now there is one more...you! ;) +1
April 20 2016 21:15:37
MrFretless Haha.. this is probably not the right place to discuss shoes but yea I love them. Pretty indestructible - the more f**ked up they get, the better they look. :D +1
It's great Mr. Fretless! Interesting, creative, fuzzy tone that fits right in! Welcome to wikiloops and a good user name ... smart ... getting called Mr.! :D+1
April 20 2016 23:04:31
MrFretless Thanks! Never before thought of using it for Blues, but this is actually one of my main sounds that I use in my band. Fretless + Big Muff Deluxe. In this case there's only not so much pressure in the sound due to my cheapo home recording gear. +1
April 20 2016 23:08:41
MrFretless Oh. Forgot to mention MXR M87 Compressor - Great for live, not that great in a studio, but preferred over plugins at home. Probably not interested, but you're a bassist so.. Just saying. :D +1
April 20 2016 23:44:15
Ernie440 Yeah I have one of those but I rarely use it! I haven't tried it on any tracks here yet ... might be interesting! :) +1

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