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This track just too sweet to resist, I really wanna play with Martin's track, but this laid back idea already stick in my head the moment I listen to this apple pie track..it's really fun to play around with this song Marc, really love the song..Thank you for sharing your music with us here

would be so good to hear drums, bass, guitar, sax, or even harp, tuba, clarinet, trombone, cowbell, etc

Hope you like it

Thank you for listening

PS; I decide to change the genre to pop, since it's become less and less funky with my vocal tracks in it...


May 21 2016 23:30:44
This one is amazing Alice! So cool what you do on with only a keytrack! :) Thanks for this! :)
+1 May 22 2016 17:41:53 Marceys aleonz
always a pleasure to play with your keys Marc :)
April 30 2016 19:54:25
Sweet angel ;)
+1 May 22 2016 17:41:22 titi aleonz
Thank you brother!
April 30 2016 19:13:20
Great soul sound :)
+1 May 22 2016 17:41:09 dimeomax aleonz
Thank you so much Dime!
April 23 2016 09:11:27
So good and sweet Alice. Many thanks... I guess adds will turn this track from pop to soul... I'm not a bass player, but great bass players here are going to have fun for sure... Back vocals are just superb too ^^
+1 May 22 2016 17:40:59 Funkystan aleonz
Hey thank you so much Stan!
April 23 2016 08:11:35
Almost missed this... great song Big Al... production style :)
+1 May 22 2016 17:40:38 Psycho aleonz
Hi Big Psy! missed this comment somhow, Thank you so much
April 23 2016 07:42:29
What a very cool relaxed song! Great, Alice! :)
+1 May 22 2016 17:40:19 pkliesch aleonz
Thank you so much Patrick
April 22 2016 23:10:38
Marcelo DMarcelo D
Wow. You are always sweet Alice. You and Marc together are a great duo.
I thumb up even before listening cause I know that you are always incredible! Thanks for sharing this beautiful song. :)

+1 April 23 2016 01:51:33 Marcelo D aleonz
Thank you for listening this song Marcelo..
April 22 2016 22:48:22
pretty voice!
+1 April 23 2016 01:50:07 DaveyVee aleonz
Thank you Davey!
April 22 2016 22:27:46
Pit BrettPit Brett
fantastic !! and good to hear so many from you :) excellent choir :)
+1 April 23 2016 01:49:58 Pit Brett aleonz
Thank you very much Pit!
April 22 2016 16:24:35
Star on the stage! You made a great track on these chords! Love your timing and the backings are grooving in such a fine way! Some drums again please! :) :) :). Thanks so much for this musical gift before the weekend! :)
+1 April 22 2016 19:51:41 Marceys aleonz
I found the way to sneak in to your track right at the moment i listen to it, but must wait till get the time to execute this sweet song! so happy you like it, Have a wonderful weekend brother :)
April 22 2016 19:52:59 Marceys aleonz
and thank youuu!

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