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It happens to all of us I'm sure. But I was stuck. In a deep dark pit of writers block. Had nothing for weeks. Dead air. Frenzie came to the rescue from 5000 miles away with some lyric ideas and a melody to kick start my creativity. I feel alive again! Wikiloops is so much more than just music. It is friendship too. Thank you, Frenzie for your friendship and support and for your beautiful guitar. You didn't have to care but you did. Many hugs! Please enjoy this collaboration and team effort by myself and Frenzie. He kick started the lyrics and melody but still made me work for the rest of it. ;) Dedicating this to a Wiki friend who is having to Trudge on through life at this moment. Hugs everyone! Vox only in HD


August 29 2016 07:55:27
Wonderful Kells.

May 23 2016 16:27:21
Really beautiful lyrics and delivery!

May 09 2016 18:39:37
This is so wonderful, Kelly. I have to beg your pardon not to reacting rather and for my permanently germanglish (gemermansgermans...)... this song is such a support :)
I'm so glad that you broke your blockade :)

+1 May 09 2016 19:29:46 heliandros KellsBells
Many hugs, Andreas! :)
April 28 2016 22:43:46
beautiful, Kelly. lyrics pack a wallop and your voice makes sure they are delivered perfectly.
i love your vocal melody lines - this one is so perfect for the music.
oooo - harmony time! so delicious.
your sustains are IT, Girl - love em, ever single one.
concrete wings - mmmmm!
thanks, i needed that. :)

+1 April 29 2016 04:09:06 AnneCozean KellsBells
Thank you Anne for your warm words! Frenzie snapped me out of it and was a tremendous help and inspiration for me on this one! :) Glad you enjoyed it!
April 25 2016 17:34:48
YESSSSSS.... This is something I needed in my life at the current moment! Thank you all!
+1 April 29 2016 04:09:55 Herman420 KellsBells
Great thing about music, it's always there when you need it in the strangest ways. ;) Hugs Herman!
April 24 2016 14:14:40
Great way to come back Kell. Beautiful in every way :)
+1 April 29 2016 04:10:11 RobM KellsBells
Thank you Rob! :)
April 23 2016 22:09:51
Very beautiful song. Thank you Frenzie for reinspiring Kelly! :) glad you're back with a new Song, my dear! :)
+1 April 29 2016 04:11:59 pkliesch KellsBells
Thank you Patrick. I hope you are well! Long time no talk! Thank you for the listen and the kind words and for giving Frenzie proper credit! This song is here because of him. :)
May 02 2016 21:35:08 pkliesch pkliesch
You're right. Let's talk next time we're both online. Hope you're fine too! ;)
May 03 2016 14:35:47 pkliesch KellsBells
Yes! Let's do that! :)
April 23 2016 09:19:26
Great song, great voice and singing... Thanks a lot ^^
+1 April 29 2016 04:12:28 Funkystan KellsBells
Thank you so much Stan! Pleasure to have you here for a listen. :)
April 23 2016 07:49:49
Too cool Kelly... almost missed this one. Nice mellow jam that goes well with frenz guitar :)
+2 April 29 2016 04:13:05 Psycho KellsBells
Thanks Bruce! I owe this one to Frenzie! :)
April 22 2016 18:08:22
Nice kells
+1 April 29 2016 04:13:28 axenvocs KellsBells
Thank you kindly! :)

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