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Mike_66179 jams Supporter
Remix step #2 (playing)


Mike_66179 jams Supporter
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The vocal track is from a friend of mine (Minette Fourie from South Africa). Thank you very much, Minette. I love the strong contrast in the song. It is between the melodic voice and the hypnotic rhythm and between the bass in your face instrumentals vs. soft and tender vocals...

If you want to hear the original track goto


June 15 2016 22:47:39
abuitremoremabuitremorem beautiful :)

April 23 2016 02:57:25
bhunt1bhunt1 I like the contract between the down and dirty groove and the beautiful singing - well done!
+1 April 23 2016 10:56:17 bhunt1Mike_66
Thanks glad you like it. I like the hypnotic aspect of some straight beats the voice make it perfect.
April 23 2016 01:59:22
PsychoPsycho Glad you made it clear a friend did this or I'd be worried. Really cool song and track Mike :)
+0 April 23 2016 10:53:05 PsychoMike_66
Thanks Psycho. To make it even clearer I added the name and the original track to the description.
April 23 2016 16:30:00 PsychoPsycho
I was worried your voice changed :)
April 22 2016 21:17:24
FunkystanFunkystan Love the contrast too... Great idea and sounding. She's got a wonderful voice...
I'm spontaneously hearing an "OUD" close to her voice... It could accentuate the contrast, bringing depth and melody... Any Oud player on wiki ? :)

+1 April 23 2016 11:00:25 FunkystanMike_66
Thx Stan. I must admid I had to google "What is an oud". Oh what a musician I am :) But I think I will give it a try.
April 23 2016 11:05:25 FunkystanFunkystan
I had to check how to translate it in English but same word ^^... It would bring an interesting touch, I guess^^ Looking forward listening to your oud touch^^ Specific and great instrument.
April 23 2016 11:14:36 FunkystanMike_66
Right now I work on an guitar version. But I can't get it finished. In some way I'm always miss something in it.
April 23 2016 11:15:49 FunkystanMike_66
By the way have you seen my new indian dream track?
April 23 2016 11:17:41 FunkystanFunkystan
Not yet, I was stuck following youtube links from the shoutbox... Marmotte singing is just great
April 22 2016 20:23:05
MoorMoor Very nice!
+1 April 23 2016 11:00:42 MoorMike_66
Thanx Moor

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