second visit kimbo bass (olive mix)

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0 guys said more bass... so oli has supplied more bass!
i think the problem really arises because i always have to monitor in cans. Even worse at the mo as my son wrecked my old ones so i'm using stage bugs as monitors till i get new cans.... but there is so much bass when monitoring close coupled i overcompensate in the mix. when i checked my mix on speakers ..indeed too little bass when i check this oli mix on bugs way too much bass... agh well!
thanks oli


April 23 2016 03:00:17
jamladyjamlady wow very, very cool track!
+0 April 23 2016 12:05:03 jamladykimbo
not me... its the others! see you there;)
April 23 2016 01:58:13
PsychoPsycho I have been blessed with a nice set of cans, and this is pretty good kimbo. Maybe you listened too much and are hyper critical. Possibly a bit high at the outro, but more Bass is good in many tracks and I think this is one of those tracks! Well done !! Nothing like have your boobs rumble with joy :)

April 23 2016 01:24:55
FishinmissioFishinmissio I like this mix better :)

April 22 2016 20:34:03
MoorMoor Much better with the bass more present.. :) Nice work all.
+0 April 22 2016 23:09:41 Moorkimbo
all down to the mixmeister oli:)
April 22 2016 18:47:30
Pit BrettPit Brett beautiful bass kimbo and oliv :)

April 22 2016 18:40:48
blubassoblubasso As I said before, your bass line is beautiful. Very melodic and the solo is classy. Thanx limbo for this song :)

April 22 2016 18:35:34
OliVBeeOliVBee there we can hear you now :) get some decent monitors urgently !!
+3 April 22 2016 18:47:39 OliVBeeblubasso
Thanx Oli, the kimbo's bass line was too good to not let it listen. :)
April 22 2016 23:21:07 OliVBeekimbo
...on their way as we speak sony mar 7506...great cans for long hours and really accurate! bridge monitors is a luxury i can't afford in the house...people sleeping etc

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