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You all know i want to try every Genre and here i would try the Oriental one. This fantastic Template from Alice and the great Add from Mulambo was the best thing to do it. Many thanks to you two. Hope you like it :)


April 23 2016 08:13:52
Da kann ich mich allen hier nur anschließen, absolut cooler add mein Freund ;o)
+1 April 23 2016 13:18:07 Uloisius adu
Vielen Dank Uli, freut mich sehr! :)
April 23 2016 07:03:54
Klasse zurückhaltend fernöstlich und einfach passend eingefügt. Prima, Adu!! :)
+1 April 23 2016 13:17:25 pkliesch adu
Danke Pat. Ich freue mich das es so wirkt wie du es sagst! :)
April 23 2016 03:21:51
wow, adu, wie cool ist das denn! Ich bin begeistert!
+1 April 23 2016 03:33:56 jamlady adu
Ich bin begeistert von deinem Kommentar! Vielen lieben Dank, Claudia :)
April 23 2016 01:59:16
Aduuuuuuuuuuu! aaaaaaaaa duuuuuuuuuu!
oh my, you guys keep amaze me with all of this adds, wish you guys know how you all makes me feel to get all of this idea, and now for you Adu, you know I admire your music, and you took us to the silkroad journey with this add! thank you so much Adu, you blend very sweet with Mula! WOW

+0 April 23 2016 02:21:04 aleonz adu
Oh no no no no, Miss Al! I call it Inspiration and it comes from you! You have the ability to pull us under its spell! And i speak for myself, i follow you, i want to see and hear something more! I have to thank you so much and i have much more to say with my music. Thank you for your inspiration! :)
April 23 2016 01:39:07
Cool, love the mid eastern feel on the guitar!
+1 April 23 2016 01:51:06 gwailoah adu
Many thanks Brian, apriciate a lot :)
April 23 2016 01:26:38
Hey Adu:) super cool add bro- perfect:);)
+1 April 23 2016 01:29:20 petebass adu
Many thanks Pete, for your nice words! :)
April 23 2016 01:21:23
Alice is getting too much attention and will become big headed... lol. I've heard so many versions of this now, and every one is great. Well done adu :)
+2 April 23 2016 01:23:59 Psycho adu
Buddy, you go for it at first! And believe me, we all are not the last! ;) Thanks Bruce :)
April 23 2016 02:00:55 Psycho aleonz

Alice has read this comment!
Big Psyyyyyy !I'm sooooo Happpyyyy! muahahahhaha
April 23 2016 02:15:58 Psycho Psycho
Then you are flattered ;)
April 23 2016 02:21:56 Psycho aleonz
you guys are responsible for bringing all this happiness to this track :P !
April 22 2016 23:43:29
great add, adu! very original and grooving, great work!
+1 April 22 2016 23:47:13 mulambo adu
What's a relief! I'm so glad that you like it. Thank you very much :) I liked your add so much. :)
April 22 2016 23:16:36
Wooop woop Adu is on fire! This is very tasty amigo... Great track by all.. Top listen 100%
+1 April 22 2016 23:20:15 woXey adu
Many thanks to you, glad you like it :)
April 22 2016 23:14:16
..brilliant mate! you're on it at the moment! :)
+1 April 22 2016 23:19:37 kimbo adu
Whahat mate, so nice to say from you! Thanks Kimbo, we have a drink at Steinfeld this September. Or two? :D
April 22 2016 23:22:17 kimbo kimbo
or 200!
April 22 2016 23:30:13 kimbo adu
Oh no mate, i´m to old for this :D
April 22 2016 23:31:33 kimbo kimbo
old? I'm 56 and still going strong!
April 22 2016 23:33:15 kimbo adu
ok I´m in ! lol

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