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This is a true piece of art from all you. Pete, Al and Marc are just amazing players. Masters of there craft. Hope the drums fit and everyone enjoys. Been a while since last upload. Need to get back into this place. Have too. Thanks to all. Drums only available. JayMny
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drums keys with vocals, Pop jam


I like your drumming Jay🎶
You remember me a concert of Andy Summers with 2 drummers, one was on acoustic stuff and you were the percu/electronic one (they switched drums on some tunes and their solo part was amazing).
This is a so good song and you are at the right place!
Love it... Thanks ^^+1
Hi Jay! what a sweet surprise! so good to hear your drums again, this gave a sweet vibe to the song, you keep the song breath easily! so so cool! so glad you join in !+1
Great to hear something from you Jay. This is awesome. Killer drummin' as usual+1
Yeah Jaymny! Great to hear your music again! You grooved to the track and managed to keep the ambience of Alice her singing! Way cool! :)+0
Great Job all! 👍+0
muito legal. bom trabalho+0

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