You Make Me Sing !

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Fell in love at the first time I listen to Kenny's beautiful track with DFD fantastic drums, haven't check what's going on with the track, and just saw Tof & Tully are already on the tree when I'm about to post this remix (I'm so truly sorry).

Thank you for listening!
you guys ROCK!
Have a wonderful weekend wonderful friends !


August 29 2016 07:53:43
blumartiniblumartini beautiful as usual Ale. Is this your latest track?? Where are you? ;)
+1 August 30 2016 12:37:01 blumartinialeonz
Hi Bm! thank you, It was from some times a go, I'm a bit on and off from loops, but always try to keep up with all the fun around here :)
August 16 2016 22:27:22
BalfoBalfo I love it!

June 12 2016 07:53:35
jjdfjjdf great song! excellent vocals, Al!!! as always...:)

June 08 2016 18:11:20
di_er_demdi_er_dem it s my bass record

April 27 2016 05:37:53
francisco alfrancisco al linda canção
+2 April 27 2016 07:25:16 francisco alaleonz
thank you francisco
April 25 2016 11:38:54
alexjalexj amazing! had that chorus melody stuck in my head for days :)
+1 June 02 2016 17:11:49 alexjaleonz
oops I missed to see this, Alexxx thank glad to hear your bass ..hope to see you come around more :)
April 25 2016 09:02:50
moonchildmoonchild Gotta love those harmonies, so dreamy :')
+1 April 25 2016 10:20:25 moonchildaleonz
Thank you MC!
April 24 2016 22:42:33
StellaStella This is great Alice, you can sing anything, love you much! :-)
+1 April 25 2016 08:20:39 Stellaaleonz
Hi stella! thank you for stopping by! thank you :)
April 24 2016 18:11:24
kennyadrykennyadry Coming off from a weekend get away and now my tiredness was totally removed after hearing your voice on here,. My oh my...I just cant measure exactly how good you are but I will have no need of measuring it, I just need to listen and my day will be so much better :) thank you and thank you and you ALICE!!
+1 April 25 2016 08:20:01 kennyadryaleonz
most of your music speak to me directly kenny, that's why I admire your music so much, you are one of a kind my awesome brother! Thank you so much, and thank you for sharing your music to us here! keep it coming! we want moreee!
April 24 2016 07:10:31
gwailoahgwailoah You have such ease with this style of writing, yet another stunner! 👏👏👍👍😄
+1 April 24 2016 08:00:31 gwailoahaleonz
one of that kind of song that speak right away..just like an old lost friend :) thank you so much Brian!
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