Get Crazy Baboon

Remix step #3 (playing)


Ernie4401063 jams Supporter
+ 9
Thanks to Frank and Lenny's hard hitting and well played track for this one .. a loud crazy jam on a Saturday morn .. playing like a baboon! :P ~~~


April 24 2016 08:21:54
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
very,very good bro:)
+1 April 24 2016 13:58:03 Lenny Cowler Ernie440
It was fun Lenny, thanks for the great play! :)
April 24 2016 08:05:01
a fine jam with a great tone and sound! Excellent
+1 April 24 2016 13:58:24 Girard Ernie440
Thanks buddy!
April 23 2016 23:23:37
oh it remind me when I was still in a rock n roll band ! what a great feeling to hear this track, excellent line as always Ernie!
+1 April 23 2016 23:43:30 aleonz Ernie440
Rock and roll Al! Rock and roll my friend! :D
April 23 2016 22:32:55
Fine playing puds
+1 April 23 2016 23:43:05 FrankMil Ernie440
Thanks Frank .. it all started with your kick ass rock riffs buddy. good one!
April 23 2016 21:44:34
Great add for a great track!!
+1 April 23 2016 22:02:40 Guadaña Ernie440
Glad you stopped by .. thank you!!
April 23 2016 17:59:55
Fantastic Pudsy
+1 April 23 2016 18:24:06 ivax Ernie440
Thanks my friend. :)
April 23 2016 16:25:07
Rock'n'Roll, man! Love the mood and the real oldschool fills and slides. :) This stuff brings me to some totally smoked up oldschool pub, with a low ceiling, no ventilation and the non-LED spotlights which make the musicians sweat out the two Jacks they downed before this performance! :) Something like that. Extremely cool! :)
+2 April 23 2016 17:43:55 MrFretless Ernie440
hehehe, thanks for the detailed insight and compliment dude. Funny! Great description of the bars I played in during the late 70's and early 80's. (yes I'm that old) True, I wanted to bring that sound when I heard this track. Good one!! Thanks man :)
April 23 2016 18:51:22 MrFretless MrFretless
That actually explains a lot. This is why I, for example, could never play rocknroll like you did here. Could copy the chops, but not the way of thinking.
April 23 2016 20:22:52 MrFretless Ernie440
True, we all think differently and have different licks, noodles and lines in our mental bass toolkit. :)
April 23 2016 16:13:30
cody trippcody tripp
very cool
+1 April 23 2016 17:44:43 cody tripp Ernie440
thanks Tom!
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