got the Blues today.

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one from the Wiki vaults.


April 25 2016 03:41:38
mortheolmortheol Dave...well executed blues my friend!
Very nice.

+1 April 25 2016 09:32:59 mortheoldavidaustin
just had to play on this, thank you glad you liked the track.
April 24 2016 23:39:11
GirardGirard Fits like a glove, intelligent addition! Totally made the track better! Applause. Yeah Glenn sounds great and so does Nick
+1 April 25 2016 09:34:03 Girarddavidaustin
one of those blues moments, thank you Girard.
April 24 2016 20:22:53
petebasspetebass Nice one Dave:)can hear you more in this mix, in a good way-nice:);)
+1 April 24 2016 20:27:56 petebassdavidaustin
a very cool piece of music by NN and Glenn found in the vault, I just had to join in, thanks Pete.
April 24 2016 20:10:02
glennpglennp Nice addition
Thanks for joining the jam. Cool playing. Great way to bring back an oldie...

+1 April 24 2016 20:13:51 glennpdavidaustin
you have a great voice Glenn, a pleasure to join with on guitar, glad you liked it.
April 24 2016 20:41:52 glennpglennp
Thanks for the compliment and for your talents...
April 24 2016 19:20:59
PsychoPsycho The vault is a great place to visit... you found a dandy and played wonderfully on it :)
+1 April 24 2016 19:47:01 Psychodavidaustin
thanks Bruce, this track is very cool.
April 24 2016 18:30:36
NeronickNeronick Great tone, feeling, call-and-response, David! If you like secret vaults, search for "Terrible night", the take of the full band, live. :)
+1 April 24 2016 19:47:55 Neronickdavidaustin
glad you liked the guitar, I will start the search.
April 24 2016 17:22:10
aduadu cool Blues David :)
+1 April 24 2016 17:45:31 adudavidaustin
thanks adu, so many cool tracks in the vault.
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